Bird Proofing – The Right Solution To Save You from The Menace Of Birds

Birds and blooms are the flag bearers of spring, nature’s orchestra. They are wonderful companions of leisure time, when you can afford the luxury of admiring the exuberant bounty and cheer with no pressing matters at hand to attend to. However, when these same birds start building nests on your roof or in one of the various hidden crevices and gaps in the exteriors of your house, it gets hard to find their company pleasant or amusing. If this sounds familiar, you may be searching for ‘bird proofing Melbourne’solutions.

The gap between the roof lining of your house is very commonly selected by birds, possums and a variety of critters for their housing purposes. The underside of solar panel tracks is also very attractive to birds as it keeps them hidden away from sight. The menace of birds does not stop here. Uncovered and unguarded gutters also get jammed and clogged with leaves, twigs, droppings and other debris left by the birds. Jammed gutters result in increasing moulds and damp from obstructed water flow.

Menace of Birds

Sharing your house with birds is not great. Let’s have a look at the problems faced:

  • Noise: When you wake up at odd hours and find your peace and solitude disturbed by constant chirping, scraping and other noises, you can begin to appreciate various bird proofing in Melbourne systems that can be used to keep the birds from nesting on your home ground.
  • Clutter: When birds are building their nests, they tend to carry around a lot of twigs, straw, leaves and other dry substances and invariably, they keep dropping those around and make a mess in the vicinity. It is a regular task just to keep the area clean when there are nesting birds around. They also clog the gutter and make gutter clearing that much more difficult unless you have a gutter guard mesh in place.
  • Fire Hazard: Dealing with random noises and regular clutter is still manageable; what’s most worrying is the fact that birds’ nests are basically tinder bundles waiting to catch fire from even a tiny spark caused in some way or the other. Investing in bird proofing is much more reasonable than living with a fire hazard day and night.
  • Bird Droppings and Diseases: Bird droppings contain a plethora of germs which can spread to humans and pets coming in contact with them. Besides the cleaning up that needs to be done frequently, the risk of catching an infection or rash from contact with bird poo makes sharing space with nesting birds a bad idea.
  • Lice: Birds carry pests like lice and invite other animals into your home like possum, rats and cats, etc. Bird proofing and installing gutter guard mesh to board up the spaces through which these invaders can take up residence at your home is a popular solution without a doubt!

You can get rid of this problem of nesting birds and unprotected gutters by installing gutter guard mesh and opting for bird proofing in Melbourne as a part of the installation procedure.

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