Best Gifts For Golf Enthusiasts

When the holidays come around, the biggest worry for you is finding the perfect gift for the special person in your life. It can become a time-consuming, brain-draining task especially if the person already has everything they could possibly need. But if they are golf enthusiasts making regular visits to the best golf courses in Texas or any of the popular golfing destinations to hone their game, you are in luck. We have, right here, some great ideas for gifts that are sure to put golf aficionados over the moon.

Best Gifts For Golf Enthusiasts

Swing Analyzers

Now, every golfer can analyze his or her swing accurately and correct it to improve the performance dramatically. Swing analyzers are compact devices that can be attached to any club of your choice. When you swing, the analyzers instantly record critical data about the movement and transmit them wirelessly to your mobile phone where you can later analyze it at leisure and work out the kinks in your form.


This is a gift that will really impress your golfer partner especially if he or she always complains about the misplaced yardage markers on the course. The rangefinder is a simple but very useful device that lets them measure the exact yardage to their target before they tee off. You are sure to find many amateur and skilled players using these on the best golf courses. Get one that is lightweight, easy to operate with a single hand and fairly durable because it will become a part of the golfing kit for years to come.

Personalized Golfing Accessories

If you want to give a really intimate, personal gift, you can never go wrong with custom-made golfing accessories. There is such a wide range of things to choose from that you can probably use this idea to give that special person some cool gifts that he or she will treasure for years to come.

For example, you can get some golfing towels with their initials monogrammed. Or, how about some golf themes cufflinks to go with their favorite shirt? A leather bound personalized score card is a premium gift idea as is a silver golf ball marker with their initials on it. If you are talking really serious golfers, consider a complete golf set in silver, engraved with their initials. Your gift is definitely not going to be lying forgotten in some corner if you choose one of these.

Indoor Putting Green

Golfing fans hate the winter because they can’t get outdoors to practice their game regularly. But you can address that by gifting them an indoor putting green. This may not substitute for the real rolling greens of the golfing range, but it does let them keep working on their short game even if the climate fails to cooperate. A golfing net is another gift that makes it easy for golfers to keep practicing their game indoors when they can’t tee off on a real golf course.

A Golf Holiday

All of these are great gifts but the one that any golf lover is sure to be ecstatic about is a golf holiday. Call up a course that has some great reviews from recent visitors. You can find a location that your loved one has not experienced before. Book a holiday there, maybe over a convenient weekend and enjoy the excited reaction when you reveal your gift.

There is hardly anything more appealing to a passionate golfer than the chance of teeing off at a challenging golf course. And when you are considering gifting him that special feeling, do check out the best golf courses in Texas. The Lone Star state’s golf courses are so awesome that the PGA Tour stops four times a year in the state. Your special someone too wouldn’t mind unwinding at an expansive course in the state.

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