Basic Tips For Traveling In Ireland In Summer

Embarking on a trip to Ireland is an exciting and thrilling adventure, one that will bring you to castles haunted by folklore, cities that seamlessly meld tradition and modernity, and breathtaking vistas that have inspired artists and poets for thousands of years. While this trip of a lifetime can be an emotional and extraordinary experience, it is important to remember the basics of traveling. To ensure your trip goes off without a hitch, here are some basic travel tips for visitors to the Emerald Isle.

Dress for the weather, and for what you least expect

Due to its position in the Atlantic Ocean, its relative size, and its topography, Ireland can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather. Those rolling clouds bring sporadic rain showers, high winds, and damp farmland. When packing, make sure you bring warm clothes, a raincoat, and plenty of layers.

Check the roads.

Driving in Ireland can be dangerous. Not only are many of the roads narrow and congested in the urban areas, the rural roads are often windy and unpredictable. Furthermore, the driving is on the opposite side of the road as the US, as well as the steering wheel. If you plan on drinking, choose a designated driver or take a cab, as drunk driving laws are very strict.

Basic Tips For Traveling In Ireland In Summer

Purchase an adapter

While the electricity supply in Ireland hosts 220 volts at 50hz, the United States uses 120 volts at 60hz. Double check the power accommodations of your electronics. You don’t want to short out your Bed and Breakfast!

Wear your farm boots

When returning to the United States, you must check a box on the customs form if you have been on a farm or pasture in Ireland. It will save you a lot of time if you wear your boots on the airplane, rather than packing them. They will need to be checked by a Customs Official and this will take more time if you have to unpack them from your luggage.

Take the road less traveled

While Ireland is a desirable travel destination for people from all around the world, there are plenty of hidden gems away from the tourist traps. Spend an extra day driving through small towns, stopping in local pubs, and talking to the farms herding cattle across the road. These experiences will make your vacation unique, and will certainly give you that glimpse of traditional Ireland that has captured the imagination of travelers for years.


Your trip to Ireland is sure to be amazing. To remember your trip, traditional Irish wares like Aran Island sweaters and Waterford crystal make stunning souvenirs. Beautiful Celtic jewelry can also be purchased and worn as a daily reminder of your trip. Make sure your jewelry dealer is an expert on Celtic jewelry, and one that is based in Ireland.

Often jewelry is made elsewhere and shipped into Ireland, so it is important to make sure the quality and craftsmanship is local and supports Irish artists. Good luck on your journey and may the road rise to meet you!

James Dick is travel blogger and reader of World Travel Guide for Gamblers

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