Avoid Auto Accidents By Preventing Them

New or young drivers offer little experience in their first year of driving and more often than not they contribute to an increase in accidents and violations. Inexperience and poor judgement in choices they make while driving are a great factor in the reasons why we all must practice better safety on the roads and highways. Many of us must compensate for this by being more aware and practicing defensive driving.

The following tips may aid in promoting and educating young drivers on safer driving practices. When safety becomes and afterthought we are all faced with deep regret or worse due to accidents we cause.

Traffic Laws

Traffic laws vary from state to state no matter how standardized the laws may be. Setting guidelines for yourself and for your children can mean the difference between always coming home safe or ending up in jail, in legal debt or worse. Regulating and paying attention to your children’s or your own driving habits is well worth the attention.

Passengers and Distractions

A situation as simple, and common, as a young driver loading up their car with many of their friends to “go cruising” can be a major distraction for a driver. Even the tiniest distraction can be a life changing instance depending on your circumstances.

Not only will a car full of youngsters distract the driver of their vehicle but also depending on the activity taking place inside the vehicle it the activity can equally distract other drivers on the road. Parents should make ongoing efforts to be involved and speak with their kids about safe practices while having passengers in their car or on the back of their motorcycle.

Avoid Auto Accidents By Preventing Them

Drunk Driving

Alcohol is far to common a factor in motor vehicle accidents involving young drivers. It is very important that parents prepare their kids for the dangers of driving drunk well before they approach the date they can legally drive. Education and prevention is key to preparing your children to operate vehicles. Avoiding the use of drugs or alcohol period is always a great approach to any situation but more importantly when operating a vehicle that has the ability to destroy anything in it’s path.

That magical drivers license we all wait so long for and look forward to with much excitement can be taken from us in the blink of an eye and in some cases for the rest of our lives. ALthough in all cases losing your drivers license is a much nicer reality than losing your life or being responsible for someone else losing theirs.

Cell Phones and Driving

Using a cell phone or texting while operating a vehicle is becoming increasingly dangerous and new statistics coming out show an equal danger to drinking and driving. If you hear your cell phone chime in while you are driving it real does pay to just simply wait a moment to pull over or wait for a red light to check your phone.

In this age of technology, information and the speed at which we are all used to accessing our devices we seem to have this feeling of needing to immediately look at our phone and immediately reply. This is a proven distraction for drivers and a leading cause for accidents, injuries and death on our roads.

Seatbelt Safety

Let’s not forget the importance of wearing our seat belt. There is a good reason it is a mandatory law and that reason is not for your city to make money from the tickets they hand out. Seat belts lets save lives and that’s that! Until it becomes a natural habit for someone, your children or friends may need constant reminders from you.

ALways stress the importance of wearing a seatbelt and tell them or show them the reasons why. Even if your children are driving safely they can easily be the target of a bad driver. Without their seatbelt their injuries they suffer can have devastating or crippling results.

Buckle up, drive safe, put your phone away and keep both hands on the wheel. Do your part to protect yourself, your family and others on the roads.

Christopher Steven is an avid blogger who is passionate about encouraging safety and and healthy practices in his own community. Christopher works with the Gorospe & Smith Personal Injury Law Firm in Tulsa, OK helping families through difficult situations.

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