Asetek ServerLSL (Server Level Sealed Loop)

What is a liquid cooling system? Also known as a water cooling system, LCS uses water as the cooling medium to maintain a low temperature of a computer processor. LCS provides very effective cooling and helps to lessen noise generated by high processing speeds. What are some other benefits of liquid cooling?

  • A liquid cooling system can cool individual system components to a higher degree than fan cooling.
  • Water cooling lowers the sound output of your PC. The majority of liquid-cooled systems put out no more than 30 decibels.
  • Liquid cooling requires a lot less space than a traditional fan/heatsink combination, and it looks more attractive too – Who wouldn’t prefer a colorful case of liquid filled tubes?
  • Better thermal heat transfer between the cooling system and components – Instead of fan-generated heat blowing around a case, heat is simply moved through the coolant.
  • Multiple components (motherboard chipset, GPU, CPU) are linked through one water channel, so they’ll share the benefits of temperature reduction without increasing the heat.
  • Sustained cooler temperatures over time – Temperature surges (from media streaming, gaming, etc.) make fans work overtime to cool all the components and force the extra heat out of the computer. Water cooled PCs keep the temperature cooler better than air cooled PCs.
  • A liquid cooling system looks cooler, has no mosfet or RAM interference, and disperses more heat

Asetek ServerLSL (Server Level Sealed Loop)

Now let’s talk about Asetek ServerLSL (Server Level Sealed Loop)

There are no changes necessary to data center infrastructure, it enables the greatest amount of wattage GPUs and CPUs, and it lowers fan speeds, thereby reducing noise and saving power. This is possible by using Asetek’s patented sealed loop liquid cooling technology, which cools the highest heat flux GPUs and CPUs.

The ServerLSL allows the highest use of wattage processors of any design, while at the same time lowering fan noise in the data center. You will experience a serious amount of power savings on internal server fans.

Asetek’s ServerLSL is first 100% helium integrity tested, and then filled up with cooling liquid before being factory sealed. No ongoing maintenance is required – you’ll never need to refill the coolers or touch the liquid. Their low profile integrated cold plate/pump units have mounting mechanisms that are interchangeable, and compatible with AMD server sockets and Intel. Asetek’s liquid-to-air heat exchangers are scalable to virtually any density requirement or performance.

Take a look at Asetek’s RackCDU D2C (Direct-to-Chip) . This free-cooling solution captures somewhere between 60% and 80% of server heat, and is ready and able to return water from the data center high enough to allow waste heat recycling.

For a comprehensive look at the whole process, read “Direct Liquid Cooling for Electronic Equipment” by Henry Coles and Steve Greenberg, a white paper written for the Environmental Energy Technologies Division of the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

More than 3 million of Asetek’s liquid cooling units are in use throughout the world. The ServerLSL reduces greenhouse emissions and power, lowers acoustic noise, and is in the foreground of providing maximum performance to data centers and servers throughout the world.

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