Anchor Tattoos: Meaning and History

Anchor is one of the oldest tattoo symbol and anchor tattoos were popular as early as 2500 BC. Hence the anchor tattoo history may be having its beginning more than 4000 years ago. Anchor tattoos were widely used by Christians during the initial days of Christianity. In those days the Christians were persecuted for their religious beliefs. At that time the Christians used anchor tattoos to hide the Cross symbol that they were wearing in order to escape from persecution. Moreover, the anchor symbolized the connection of Jesus Christ with the sea. The Bible speaks about anchor and hence Christians consider it as a holy symbol. St. Clement of Rome was tied to an anchor before he was executed in the sea. It is also believed that the anchor symbolizes the unification of male-female powers. While the rod of the anchor represents the male the bottom part represents the female. This explanation about the anchor symbol was prevalent in ancient Egypt. Egyptians considered the anchor as the symbol of life.

Modified Anchor Tattoos

Anchor Tattoos: Meaning and History

In the 15th century the British sailors and those in the service of the navy started using anchor tattoos. However in modern times anchor tattoos are not used by servicemen alone. The anchor tattoo meaning has been changed and today many celebrities and those who are not servicemen are also wearing these tattoos. In modern society, the anchor tattoo is considered a work of art just like other types of tattoos. Earlier the general meaning of anchor tattoo designs was loyalty and stability. When somebody wanted to use anchor tattoo as symbol of his loyalty to a particular culture, they used to modify the tattoo design by including additional elements in the tattoo. The Anchor and Rope tattoos were first introduced by the British Navy and subsequently it became popular among the servicemen of US Navy also. The Eagle, Globe and Anchor Tattoos, the Rose and Anchor tattoos, the Anchor Heart tattoos, Tribal Anchor tattoos and the Celtic Anchor tattoos are the different types of anchor tattoos.

Emotional Meanings of Anchor Tattoos

Anchor Tattoos: Meaning and History

The tattoo artists incorporate new elements in their tattoos either to improve its aesthetic body or to modify the tattoo meaning or to make their artwork more playful. Many artists started creating playful anchor tattoos by incorporating popular cartoon characters in their tattoos. The anchor tattoo designs used by seamen are popular all over the world and the same designs were used by generations. The anchor tattoo designs are suitable for both male and female. Apart from enjoying the aesthetic beauty of the tattoos, the seamen consider the anchor tattoos as symbols of their strength as well as affinity towards the sea. Unique anchor tattoos with different meanings are popular today and these tattoos are ideal for wearing on any part of the body. The modern anchor tattoo is a perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and emotional meaning.  Many people get the unique anchor tattoos and dedicate them to their loved ones who are away at the moment. Lovers consider anchor tattoos as symbols of stability in their relationships. Anchor tattoos also represent true and long standing relationships.

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