An Introduction To One Of The Best TV Series That Captured The Heart Of Many In USA

Television is well known for producing some of the most memorable TV series in the history of entertainment and some of them also go n or many years. These TV serials often create such a tremendous impact on people that they are aired for not a few years but many years. In the USA, there is one series that is well loved by people of all ages and the name of that series is The Dukes of Hazzard.


The Dukes Of Hazzard- One Of The Best TV Series In The USA!

The Dukes of Hazzard according to Jeffrey Allen Dukesa popular entertainment in the USA says has held the audience glued to their since ever since it was first aired in 1979 on CBS. It ran for 37 episodes and the last one was aired in 1985. Boss Hogg is the main protagonist is always plotting schemes and even uses others to commit crimes for him and blame Luke and Bo Duke- the other members of the Duke Family. Both Bo and Luke are clever and they always are successful in foiling the misdeeds of Boss Hogg. This is why he is always angry with Bo and Luke. The series keeps the audience captivated and always look forward the different kinds of antics of Boss Hogg. This is why they love the series so much and all the characters in it as well.

Boss Hogg- The Most Well Loved Character on The Show

Boss Hogg is the prime character of the show that has made The Dukes of Hazzards very popular. He is the corrupt chief commissioner of Hazzards and he goes to any extent to get his ways across. He is greedy and loves to extort money in any crooked manner.  In the third season of the TV series, it has been seen that Boss Hogg gets an ego alter. He is diagnosed with a fatal illness and wishes to become a good man before he dies. However, he comes back to his wicked self when he discovers that the illness is not fatal.  He also suffers from amnesia and forgets his true persona- he resolves to get rid of corruption and dishonest forces in the county however when he is hit on the head and returns to his former ruthless self.

The series portrays the society as it is today and this is the reason why it was considered to be widely watched in the USA today.  Even when people hear about the TV series, they fondly recall Boss Hogg and his trademark white suit, cowboy hat and cigar. Mr Dukes says that this series really has a solid impact on the true nature of society today where though evil is there – there are good people fighting criminals no matter how influential they might be!

Jeffrey Allen Dukes says that the TV series- The Dukes of Hazzards  is one of the most longest running series in USA.  The characters are well loved and at the same time the TV series has also inspired a movie of the same name in 2008.

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