Alleviating Poverty With A Mission!

Many people are of the opinion that commercial real estate is intended for profits only. This is not true. There are many reputed and trustworthy commercial real estate companies like The Walfont Group that have made its mark when it comes to under-utilized properties for charity. These properties are chosen carefully and they are worked on for the improvement of society.

Joe Johnson Welfont is an expert when it comes to the acquisition of commercial real estate for the purpose of charity. He is associated with The Mercy Foundation- a non- profit organization that focuses on changing the life of people across the world. This Foundation provides micro-finance loans to the poor so that they are able to change their lives and improve their standards of living.

Alleviating Poverty With A Mission!

The Mercy Foundation is doing a good job across the world. They are helping remotely poor families to live a decently. They support them with micro financial loans so that they can elevate their occupation and farming to the next levels. The Foundation is a self-sustaining one and does not rely on donations for their funds. The team here say there are several people who are not responsible for their poverty but desire to move ahead if given the chance and support.

The concept of micro finance is new and many people do not understand how it works. It involves certain technicalities and the team here explains it to the poor in a simple manner. Most of them have very little education and this is the reason why they are not sure on how to proceed with the loan even if they get it. The professionals here help them from start to finish.

The Foundation also takes the onus of spreading awareness and education. This helps people to come forward and embrace the concept of micro financing. Many developing nations are eradicating poverty with the aid of these loans. This is good news for the poor as well. They have the opportunity to rise above the poverty levels and get effective quality financial aid.

The team at Mercy Foundation are enthusiastic and committed to the goal of helping the poor come out of their misery. They are passionate about their work and at the same time, ensure the poor are helped when it comes to the domain of micro finance. They have improved the lives of thousands of people across the globe and work hard every day to make the poor educated on how these loans can be used as an opportunity to come out of poverty.

Joe Johnson Welfont leads this team of expert professionals and also gives them the latest news and training on micro finance developments. This means the Foundation is at pace with the changes in the micro finance industry with the world. The passion and the dedication to help the poor and improve their eco-system is immense in the team. The people who have received loans from the Foundation have also moved on and are happy with the way their lives have improved.

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