All Of The Information You Need About The Load Types Of Plastic Pallets

It is important to look at the various load types of plastic pallets to better understand what their capabilities are, especially regarding their limits to carry dynamic and static loads. There exists three different types of pallets and you will want to understand all of their characteristics thoroughly to judge which ones will meet your needs.

All Of The Information You Need About The Load Types Of Plastic Pallets

Lightweight Pallets are Great for Basic Use

Plastic pallets that fall under this category are ideal for companies that distribute lighter items like consumables and generally do not have a very high limit for dynamic and static loads. The pallets only weigh 4 KG and can be easily transported by air which is a very affordable way of transporting goods. Most pallets would have undergone a process that makes them very durable so they are still very much reliable for the task that they are expected to complete.

It is a good point to remember that these pallets are very durable and as such can withstand deep freezing for when products need to be constantly chilled but can also withstand the heat of steam cleaning to get spills out.

Medium Weight Pallets for when the need Arises

Pallets in this category that are used when there is a need for a heavier capacity. These pallets have a higher load limit and will be able to ship much heavier products. Their material composition is still the same as the lighter pallets but still gives them a high level of durability and frigidity. This should give you the peace of mind knowing that your goods will definitely reach their destinations safely.

Medium weight pallets can carry up to 2,000 kg in bar racking and 1,000 kg in edge racking plus they are very resistant towards spills and do not absorb odors. It can be expected for accidents to happen during transportation of goods and the good thing is that it won’t require much of your own effort to wash the pallets off so that they can be reused for the next shipment.

Heavyweight Plastic Pallets for the Added Strength

The plastic pallets that fall into this category are the sturdiest of all because they are expected to withstand the weight of very heavy items when loaded. These pallets are suitable to be used in almost any industry out there and this is all thanks to their innate ability to support up to 1,800 kg of dynamic load and a whopping 10,000 kg of static load!

Most of these pallets sport a flat top that is also smooth which is ideal for any sort of product or heavy boxes to be placed on it for transport. They are also very affordable to own because they are mostly made out of recycled plastic material and can be easily fitted for shipments.

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