A Quick Look At Hot Tub And Spa Essentials

As a hot tub or spa owner there are several accessories or items you really need to keep down running costs all year round. This will ensure you aren’t spending money unnecessarily and will mean your hot tub or spa is operating smoothly.


Purchase A Good Quality Cover

The number one item for cutting down on running costs has to be a good quality cover. Without that you are basically just heating the atmosphere as all the heat produced will just disappear into the air. It can add a significant amount as your heater will be working overtime to compensate. Even during the warmer summer months it still makes sense to conserve as much heat as possible, so make sure you regularly inspect your existing cover to detect any holes or tears that could result in heat loss.

Save Money On Your Filte

Another way you can easily save money is on your filter. Filters can cost anything from approx £20 up to around the £50 mark, depending on the model of hot tub you own and are items you can go through far quicker if you don’t take care of them in the correct way. You can quite easily extend the life of your filter if you make sure you clean it on a regular basic. Equip yourself with a bottle of Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner and after removing the filter, soak it for the required length of time. You’ll also need to thoroughly rinse any debris from the pleats of the filter and unfortunately the kitchen tap or shower head just won’t do. If you own a power washer then you can use this on your filter if you take care. Alternatively, some people find it easier and more convenient to take it to the local coin-operated car wash where the sprayer will make a thorough job of removing the debris.

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