A List Of World’s 8 Worst Destinations To Spend A Holiday!

Normally people prefer to go someplace they have never been before and in this chase, they search for the best place to spend a holiday. But sometimes the trip turns to be the worst one.

A List Of World’s 8 Worst Destinations To Spend A Holiday!

Bad condition of streets, corruption, bad drainage systems, unstable economic and political conditions, terrorism, worst internet set up, worst resorts are some of the measures by which we determine that the particular country or city is the worst destination to visit.

In this post, I present to you the worst destinations to spend your holiday.

  1. Netherlands

Despite the fact that Netherlands is considered the tourist attraction place due to its attractive places. But actually, there is not much going on there.

The boring culture, nothing interesting on the Dutch beach, pathetic summers, not tasty and delicious food, not much of fun, dull parties &flat places in different cities, no room to settle as the country is too much crowded and a hideous country at night are few reasons not to consider this your travel destination to spend your holiday.

  1. Sudan

Sudan- the largest African country is the second worst place to visit. Worst economic and political conditions, War, high rate of people killing, no security, no humanity, not much resources available are the reasons that make Sudan the second worst country to even plan to spend your holiday.

  1. Italy

Italy is the most crowded place by tourists. And that is the main reason you should not plan your holiday there. The uneventful and plain coastline, fancy restaurants & hotels, bleak hamlets, dull villages, houses and overcrowded beaches are some other reasons to drop Italy as your holiday destination to visit.

And probably “Pisa” is the most recommended city to visit in Italy and it is a big No to visit since there is no better place to stay with no fun and overcrowded places with tourists.

  1. Malaysia

Mostly Malaysia is on everyone’s list of places they want to go. But most people turn out to remove the name of Malaysia from their list. High prices, lazy people, worst sunsets & beaches, long distances, boring culture, no history, only palm plantation everywhere, no outdoor activities and unfriendly behavior of people are the measures most people remove Malaysia from the must visit places list.

  1. Ireland

If your desire is to visit Ireland once in a life, then it is the worst desire ever. Hideous mountains, cramped houses, boring government buildings, shack churches, no unique landmarks, polluted and murky rivers, offensive autumn & winter are the explanations behind it is on the list of worst places to spend a holiday.

In fact, Ireland is the land of “No Magical, Spiritual and mystic Beauty”.

  1. Detroit, Michigan-US

Detroit-the American Motor city has worst reputation due to its high crime rates, abandoned downtown buildings, and poverty. This is the reason people only visit this motor city once and list it as “No go” place.

However, Detroit is undergoing a million-dollar revival with real estate developments, new businesses, gardens and abandon of fun projects.

  1. Paris, France

You will be shocked to know the motives that make Paris “the city of love”, the worst place to visit. Despite the fact that the architecture of the city is amazing but old fashioned systems, ethnic and social segregation are the main reasons people just visit this city once.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is also the worst country to travel as the streets are overcrowded with motorbikes you cannot walk around which causes air pollution. So no safety, no charm, no ethical environment are some main reasons for which Vietnam is recommended as not to visit the place.

So think twice before visiting the above-mentioned countries and cities in your holidays.

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