9 Expert Tips To Increase Visibility Of Your Website!

We all have to admit one thing that business trends have totally changed since we have stepped into this golden age of technology. In the corporate sector, every business is striving hard to improve its online presence.

Considering the incredible progress in the internet industry, it is coming of age of online businesses to increase their online presence.

What they need is a holistic marketing strategy that can boost their rankings on major online platforms.

9 Expert Tips To Increase Visibility Of Your Website!

For those rookie businesses who struggle with improving their online visibility, we present here tips that will help them in the long run:

  1. Perform An SEO Audit On The Site

First things first.

Start by solving issues which are a hurdle for uplifting your search engine rankings. You can use “Screaming Frog” & “Google webmaster” tools for finding out the different problem affecting your website.

In addition, you can do a manual assessment of your website which is particularly helpful to identify the underlying factors.

  1. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

If you are using WordPress, you need to make sure that your WordPress theme is mobile-friendly, because the majority of your audience will be using your site on their portable devices.

The more responsive your website, the higher will be its online visibility.

  1. Use the Copyright Notice

The majority of the websites do not pay any heed to this factor which affects the reputation of the website. Lacking a copyright notice in the website’s footer ensures the authenticity of the website and search engine considers it to be trustworthy and genuine.

  1. Perform Competitor Analysis

Use the Google platform to perform a competitor analysis in order to assess your competitors and their strong points. To serve this purpose, you can use the Google search engine and search your competitors by using one of the main keywords.

You can even make your search more granular by searching your competitors on different regions. So you can use the Google for different countries and you will be able to find your competitors for that particular region.

In addition, you can use online tools to spy on your competitors. SimilarWeb is one such tool that enables you to keep an eye on the activities of your competitor to help you stay ahead in the game.

  1. Choose An Established URL

While starting a new website, an established URL is worth your investment. With an established URL, it is easier for Google to locate a website.

Therefore, it is far better to purchase an established URL that is already generating traffic than buying one that is going to take several months of your time and efforts.

  1. Create a High-Quality Content Based on Competitor Analysis

Prior to writing contents, you need to carefully search the Google for getting to know about similar websites which have already been indexed by search engine.

You need to evaluate the content of those similar websites from all aspects for assessing the key pointers. This will help in creating a unique and compelling content for your website.

  1. Use Relevant and Well-Optimized Images

For acquiring improved visibility, improve your own visibility in search engines’ image results. Make sure you use the relevant images with a matching “alt text” on the landing pages or your blog posts.

  1. Come Up With An App

Just like search engine optimization (SEO), There is a new phenomenon called App Store Optimization (ASO). It can help improve the visibility of your website in a quicker and faster manner.

As you come up with an App, you can optimize it in any of the leading app stores. So it will enable you to show your presence in major app stores, such as Google Play and iTunes.

You may hire an experienced App developer to develop an app for your business.

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