8 Reasons Why The Mangagement Ring Should Totally Be A Thing

Marriage ball starts to roll with a proposal and leads to an engagement. It includes a couple, where the boyfriend drops on his knees and requests his girlfriend to marry him. He has a sparkling engagement ring, which he places in her finger, but his finger remains naked till the wedding. Today, times have changed and it is time that men announce their ‘taken’ status, immediately upon engagement.

8 Reasons Why The Mangagement Ring Should Totally Be A Thing

It is the 21st century and man-gagement rings are expected to catch on for the following reasons.

  1. Sense of equality

Nearly 80% young women share financial responsibilities, after marriage. In this era, it is necessary to have two earners in the family. It is well said that male and female can wear pants than they certainly both can wear engagement rings.

  1. Pre-commitment

The idea that your fiancé will adorn an engagement ring gives your relationship a sense of pre-commitment from both.

  1. Current practice is traditional

Why should this particular imbalance of females wearing an engagement ring still stand in this era of equal marriages? Engagement ring on a ladies finger indicates ‘already booked’ status. This makes other men know, which girls are off-the-market. What about women? If she desires to approach a man for a date then why must she not have the similar visual cues that the guy is unavailable? It certainly makes sense.

  1. Man-gagement rings can be distinctive

In this era of monetary issue, if you think that double rings could break the bank then don’t. Steampunk engagement rings are affordable and in style. It does not mean you need to buy a simple band. You can get a priciest version at economical prices. Rings can differ from colored jewels or choose to wear other piece of jewelry like lapel pin or dress set to express commitment.

  1. Creative couples use as unique symbol

Couples working in creative careers crave for something equally artistic to represent their romance. Every couple respects the significance of cultural norms and traditions but also believe that their engagement rings must be a symbol of their unique union.

8 Reasons Why The Mangagement Ring Should Totally Be A Thing

  1. Celebrities wear them

Basically, female think that their guy will never put on an engagement ring. However, famous people are forging the pathway, which can make you move towards this crazy new trend. Johnny Depp, Osi Umenyiora, Michael Buble are some famous names that were seen wearing an engagement ring.

  1. Heterosexual couples are real driver of man-style rings

Gay couples with advanced thinking and viewpoint on relationships with equal minded male-partner are happy to make the same public commitment as women.

  1. Hetero dudes are open to wear an engagement ring

Research displays that 67% males are ready to wear an engagement ring. However, man-gagement rings are not a cultural requisite. Females are not encouraged to buy them.

In general, the rise of the man-gagement ring, according to skeptics is fueled by jewelers, so as to swindle young couples in spending money. Many people are positive towards this nice trend and say that instead of being a marketing strategy, man-gagement rings are worthy for what they symbolize.

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