7 Foolproof Tips To Get Your House Ready To Sell

You’re thinking of selling your home. Congratulations! With a bit of work and some creativity and ingenuity, you can make your house more attractive to potential buyers. Here are 7 tips for preparing your home to sell:

  1. Starting outside, make sure your lawn is cut and all trees and bushes are trimmed and looking pretty. Colorful flowers are always attractive. Red or yellow flowers in attractive pots near the front entrance attract the attention of the potential buyer. If you have fences, make sure they are in good repair and freshly painted.
  1. Clean inside until it sparkles. Nothing turns off a possible buyer more than to see layers of dust over everything or spider webs in dark corners. Dust and polish, use some Febreze on your sofa and chair cushions, light fresh smelling candles in each room a few hours before your prospects and real estate agent arrive.

In the kitchen, spray a small amount of Lysol in the kitchen sink a few minutes before showing so your kitchen smells fresh. Immediately empty all trash and recycle bins inside the home. Tuck some orange or lemon peels around to give the place a light fruity scent. Of course, don’t leave any dirty dishes or glassware in the sink!

7 Foolproof Tips To Get Your House Ready To Sell

  1. Remove all clutter from the floors in the living and dining room areas. Your home will appear more spacious if no clutter is around. Place a few interesting magazines or interesting objects on the tables. Your home should look clean but not sparse. In the children’s rooms, make sure that some of their favorite toys are out, along with some books.

Make sure the beds are made, and the drawers and cupboards look neat and not overstuffed. You want to give your prospective buyers the sense that they will have ample closet and storage space.

  1. The no clutter rule applies to refrigerator shelves and pantry shelves. Everything should be neat and in containers. Glass containers for pasta, spices, and dry goods can make any kitchen look more attractive.
  1. Make sure walls are clean and freshly painted if necessary. Avoid unusual, too bright colors, but also avoid all white walls. Don’t remove framed family photos. They lend a cozy, family feel to your rooms. An exception might be if you have a long hallway with photos displayed up and down the walls. This can be off-putting, and make your house look like a museum. Remove the photos, and remove all traces of nail holes along the walls. Putty and repaint before you put your house on the market.
  1. Bathrooms need to be spotlessly clean – tub, toilet and sink. Nice scented soaps are a nice touch. Not a hint of rust or mildew can be present. Replace shower curtain and polish faucets beforehand, and display a few fluffy fresh towels. Toothbrushes, hair brushes, and make-up should be put away. Mirrors should be shiny.
  1. Last but not least, make sure your lighting is bright and up-to-date. Replace outdated bulbs with LED lighting. Prospective buyers hate a house with dark corners and cubbyholes, so brighten up your house immediately!

Jodi Bakst, a Senior Residential Specialist and Broker Owner of Real Estate Experts based in Chapel Hill, NC, understands the housing needs of seniors and is trained to help them through their transition.

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