7 Benefits Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing, known commonly as RPO, is the outsourcing of all or part of a company’s recruitment process. From a reduction in recruitment costs to getting the highest quality recruits, read on for the seven biggest benefits of RPO.

Reducing Recruitment Costs

Saving on recruitment costs is arguably the most popular reason that firms outsource their recruitment process. Advertising for roles and the time spent on looking through applications can cost a firm dearly. Outsourcing this to a company who already has the inroads and best contracts with job publishers will see your roles get better exposure for less money.

Focus on your Core Business

Outsourcing your recruitment allows you to focus on your core business. For senior staff this means the actual business at hand, but in terms of your HR team it means they can spend more time focusing on providing a good HR service, rather than spending time sifting through applications and doing preliminary interviews.

More Efficient Process

Recruitment specialists will have quality candidates already on their books. In some cases, they may already have a pool of candidates perfect for a certain role, eliminating the need for a drawn out vacancy period, and also for preliminary applications, as a shortlist can be drawn up straight away.

7 Benefits Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Higher Quality Candidates

Finding quality candidates can be hard work, especially for small companies who simply don’t know how to reach them. Quality candidates frequently go to recruitment firms first to find the best job for them, and those specialists will know what characteristics are worth looking out for.

Growth and Seasonal Fluctuations

Some companies experience sudden growth and need lots of new recruits fast. Others need peaks of seasonal staff during the summer or over Christmas. Recruiting in these bursts can be a huge strain on a company, taking time and money away from where it could be better spent. Recruitment specialists have the resources to manage up or downscaling periods in your employment needs, without it having an effect on your general productivity.

On boarding options

Recruitment process outsourcing needn’t be just a matter of finding recruits and leaving you to select and settle them in, a good recruitment service should offer the opportunity of onboarding too. Studies show that a good onboarding process can help retain talent and will also help new recruits get settled into the job faster and more happily.

Coordinating Recruitment

RPO can help with coordinating employment. This means that new employees from completely different sections of a company can be selected and onboarded at the same time, saving money and improving general recruitment efficiency.

As you can see RPO is the way forward, especially in the fast moving world of global opportunities that we live in today. A recruitment specialist will have access to a wider choice of quality candidates and will know how to find the best. The process will not only save you money but also help you retain talent and enjoy the competitive edge in your industry.

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