6 Best Things To Do In Malta

For anyone who loves travelling to wonderful places, then the island of the Mediterranean Sea area sure bet. One of them is Malta which is a historical island located in Italy’s Southern region. With the cool sea breeze, the island has a lot to offer from leisure walks to water games; that are quite thrilling. Since it is an old island, it has grown over the years to cater for all manner of tourists.

The hotels and accommodation facilities are awesome with professional services. Most of the facilities have an ancient and memorable look that will make your vacation remarkable. Let us look at the 6 Best Things to do in Malta:

Water games

The Malta Island enjoys moderate temperatures and it is usually sunny. This makes the sea a mandatory fun activity in the region. Diving is the main activity and it is always wonderful to see the underground water features. There are on-shore diving trainers who will always train you on these wonderful diving skills.

In addition, the rocky monuments and interaction with the under-sea creatures is among the 6 Best Things to do in Malta. The Comino and Gozo areas are notorious with these water games.

6 Best Things To Do In Malta

Historical temples

Since the island is a historical site, there are places you cannot afford to miss. The BC temples are breath taking and amazing structures. The Hagar and Mnajdra are the most wonderful of all. They are marked by enormous structures, which are in isolation. The alter tables and iconic statues of the legendary gods are still intact and majestic.

Another wonder temple is the iconic Cathedral called St John. It stands out due to its unique design and the sacred look. It is actually used as a shrine by the locals and you can decide to have the feeling of been in a sacred house.

The casino (ORACLE)

This casino is iconic given its location on the shores of the sea and its legendary casino slots. They have turned the casino into a fun-kind of a game and not the usual serious gambling. You will love to have a taste of training from the croupiers and then you can have some few games. There are a number of levels for the casinos to ensure accommodation of all tourists.


When you travel to a new destination, the nature of food will always be part of your memories. Valletta, which is the capital city of Malta, enjoys eateries from all cultures in the world. There are occasional feasting ceremonies from which you can enjoy the whole taste of Italian foods. The iconic wines are legendary and unique from the Italy’s professionals.


Since the area has so many historical activities, there are a number of museums with a variety of ancient products. The War and Mdina museums represent the war times and the archeological gadgets that the ancient Maltians used. If you want to learn about the heritage and culture of the Malt, then this is among the 6 Best Things to do in Malta’s museums.

Leisure walks

The whole of Malt is full of ancient and breath taking structures. Taking a walk through the capital and the surrounding cities will make your vacation very interesting. In fact, there is an open-air archeological museum in Mdina, which is the hub of ancient Maltians.

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