6 American’s Favorite Spare-Time Activities

Contrary to popular belief that Americans only sit at home, watch TV and do nothing, they have a number of pastime activities. Moreover, most will enjoy doing various things and will avoid getting into a rut. The following list will show what people like to do after they get home from work.

6 American’s Favorite Spare-Time Activities

  1. Watching TV Is Still Popular

The need for television is becoming less obvious as people are able to stream and watch their favorite shows online, but many still prefer to sit in front of a TV. Almost 80% of Americans like to sit back and relax and watch something on the screen, after a hard day’s worth of work. However, this does not mean that everyone is watching demeaning shows, and most will actually enjoy a good documentary.

  1. Some Will Go Out To Exercise

Most Americans are self-conscious about their weight, and will tend to exercise or have fun with their favorite sport. With the chance to form local teams and have tournaments allows for players to come together and to have fun, without getting too serious with the sport. On the other hand, it is also possible to coach little leagues, which many will enjoy, and will have successful teams of kids who will enjoy it immensely.

  1. Reading a Book Is Viable

Even though we are in the digital age, it is not surprising to see people read a book or two. However odd it may seem, but Americans, mostly women, prefer to read books, and will always suggest that the book is better than the movie.

  1. Hunting In Your Spare Time

Some people enjoy answering the call of nature and going into the wilder parts to hunt. Even though it is an expensive sport, due to having to pay high taxes and prices to actually go hunting, many adore it. The average citizen will spend around $1,500, and interestingly enough around 38 million proud Americans hunt yearly.

  1. Hanging Out On Social Media

The Internet has made slaves of some of us, and it can be observed that people are spending an increased amount of time on social networking every day. The fascinating part is that people tend to spend time on chatting via the Internet than meeting in real life, which has created a superfluous problem of social weirdness.

  1. Online Games Are Becoming Ever So Popular

With high speed Internet comes the chance to play demanding games, and most teenage Americans are doing so. However, online gaming is also divided into online gamblers who not only play for fun, but manage to make some money too. Over 80 million Americans log on yearly, and while most enjoy competitive games, the vast majority of them online still play some kind of chance game. Slots are one of the more popular ones and Casinoroom has a selection of blog posts to help you devise a winning strategy.

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