5 Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Swimming

While swimming is undoubtedly the best exercise ever, there are people who struggle hard to overcome their fear of water. Aquaphobia is commonly seen among people, irrespective of age. People suffering from aquaphobia are afraid of being in the water and hence, stay away from learning swimming even though they realize the immense value of this important exercise. If you are one among these people suffering from the fear of water, it is time that you start learning ways of overcoming it. Swimming can bring you more advantages than you think. It will help you stay fit and healthy, both physically and mentally while also improving body resistance.

The first thing that you will need to do is join swimming lessons in Pearland that are imparted by expert trainers using the best methods and world-class swimming environment. If you are a parent, then you are at an advantage because the excellent swim schools let you learn swimming along with your kids. Watching the little one have fun with the waters can work best to help you overcome the fears. Having said that, here is a list of some exclusive tips on learning to swim without fear, which can definitely help you to emerge as a good swimmer in the long run.

5 Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Swimming

Rationalize– You cannot learn anything with a fear about it in the mind and it applies to everything along with swimming. Relax, close your eyes and realize that your fear is in your mind, just like most fears are. If swimming is good for your health and if millions of people around the world love this sport, then should there be anything about it to be possibly afraid of? Surround yourself with positivity and set about it. You will soon forget all the phobias and instead, keep enjoying the water.

Relax and Don’t Rush– Water is soothing and welcoming and seeing people from toddlers to old ones having fun with it will instill confidence in you. Gain this confidence and dip yourself slowly in the waters. Rushing into it will only increase the phobia. Rely on your trainer to introduce you to the water and the art of swimming in the best way possible.

Try Safety Drills– You will start to love learning swimming once you will realize that being in the water poses no harm to your body. And practicing a few safety drills can lead you to this realization. While you are in the shallow waters, hold onto something fixed like the pool ladder, take a deep breath and try to sink yourself. You will realize that it is difficult to get completely under the water even with a fixed and stable object. Now, do the same without holding onto the fixed object. The technique is popularly known as Mushroom Drill. Take a deep breath again, hold your knees and go fully into the water. You will be happy to find out that your body is staying safe on the surface and you are floating. With these safety drills, your mind will understand that water is not threatening enough to cause you any harm and your learning process will get easy.

Work on Your Focus– Small things like the water getting into your eyes can cause you more disturbances and distract your focus from the activity especially because you are already a little apprehensive about your safety. So, initially, try swimming in groups and wear goggles always to ensure that your focus doesn’t shift.

Practice Breathing– Breathing is very important to keep you relaxed because more than often, the tension releases from inside your body. Engage in a breathing exercise daily. Take a deep breath in from the mouth and exhale in the water for about five seconds and repeat the process as many times as you need to feel comfortable breathing underwater. If you are able to learn to breathe the right way while swimming, mastering the most advanced techniques at a later stage will become more relaxing and easy for you.

While the above tips can certainly help you overcome the fear of learning to swim, it is only practice that can gradually make you comfortable with the water and eventually enjoy the valuable sport to the fullest.

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