5 Things To Look Out For While Choosing A Serviced Apartment In London

London is a big place, and although the city has world famous public transport links as well as the ubiquitous black cab and private hire cars to help you get around, you’re still going to want to be close to the action – whatever that might mean for your particular visit.

Apartments in the very heart of the city are, of course, going to be more expensive than those further out, but the most important factor in choosing your site of luxury living in London is going to be how close it is to a well connected Tube station. Check out the stations within walking distance from the apartment you’re considering well in advance. It’s also worth looking at local bus routes too, so that you’re even more prepared when you get there.

5 Things To Look Out For While Choosing A Serviced Apartment In London

Business or Leisure

Of course, a lot of the decision making when choosing an apartment is going to come down to what kind of trip you’re on – long term or short term, for one thing, and business or leisure, for another. If you’re travelling for work, you’ll probably need a fast WiFi connection, for example, whereas if you’re visiting London on holiday, you’ll probably want something luxurious that is close to a range of sightseeing opportunities. Whether or not you’re bringing children with you will also make a big difference to the kind of apartment you choose.

Apartment Specifics

Most apartments will be fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities that you would expect, but don’t overlook minor details or forget to ask the agent about something that might be important to you. If you’re planning to eat out a lot while in London, for example, then you might be less concerned with how well equipped the kitchen area of your apartment is, but if you intend to cook regularly during your stay, finding out what is provided in this department is obviously important.


Before you make any decisions about serviced apartments in London, make sure things are clear between you and the agent about how much your stay will cost. Some agents will be open to negotiating discounts for longer term stays, but some will tag on extras for things that you expected to be included in the base price. Being open and honest with the agent will clear up a lot of these issues.

What is Included?

In this world of booking holidays and trips online, it’s easy to forget to find out what’s included in your booking. Does the apartment come with a maid or cleaning service, for example? Is this extra, or are you expected to make arrangements? Is there breakfast? What amenities are available? Are pets welcome? Discuss these things with the agent before you book, to avoid surprises later on.

The most important thing to remember is that, when you’re hunting down that perfect place for luxury living in London, you should do plenty of preparation in advance, meaning that when you finally arrive for your trip, you can just relax and enjoy the city.

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