5 Quilted Insulation Ideas For The Coming Winter

Summer is great while it lasts, but all good things must come to an end and winter will soon be upon us again. For the last few years, the winter months have been dominated by announcements of energy price rises and the worried discussions of ‘fuel poverty’ and the problems that arise when people are not as warm as they should be. Fortunately, there is a very effective weapon in the cold-busting arsenal that many people fail to fully exploit: thermal fabrics.

The technology behind these fabrics has come a long way over the years. Several decades ago, ‘thermal fabrics’ referred exclusively to the heavy industrial insulation materials used to protect forge workers, firefighters and astronauts. Nowadays, by contrast, there is a huge selection of different thermal and quilted insulation fabrics to choose from, which can easily be sewn. We have collected together five of the best ideas for the use of these versatile fabrics.

5 Quilted Insulation Ideas For The Coming Winter

Curtain Lining

Windows are one of the primary sources of heat loss from the home, especially in older houses without modern double glazing. The lightweight properties of quilted thermal insulation make it ideal for use as an extra layer behind your curtains. When summer comes around, you can simply remove the insulation or keep it in place to provide an additional buffer against heat on unbearably scorching days.

Casserole Carrier

Perfect for carrying hot food to a friend’s or neighbour’s house, an insulated casserole carrier ensures your food won’t go cold and you won’t burn yourself.

Baby Bottle Cover

All parents will be familiar with the trouble and time it takes to get milk to just the right temperature for your baby, with keeping it at this temperature being a particular struggle in winter. Quilted insulation helps you to keep it just right with ease. This is a good one for those of you who are feeling particularly creative, as you have a good excuse to add lots of fun, bright colours to your cover with applique; after all, it is for your baby!

Insulated Shopping Bag

There is no need to rush back home after buying perishables, frozen goods and milk if you use an insulated tote bag to carry your goods.

Pot Holder

These usually consist of two quilted pads to help you to pick up casserole dishes, hot plates and more. Oven gloves are not usually the best choice for this task, as they tend to be joined in the middle and can prove dangerously unwieldly with hot pots. By making your own, you can choose a shape and design to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. These gloves are incredibly useful in preventing burnt hands.

Best of all, not only do insulating fabrics keep the cold out and the heat in during the winter months but also they do the opposite in summer, keeping the heat out so that you stay nice and cool. Thermal insulating fabrics can be used for any project with this remit.

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