5 Health Benefits Of Having A Lifesaver Jerrycan

The Lifesaver jerrycan is the revolutionary product that is changing the way we use water. Designed for aid and military use as well as travelling, the Lifesaver jerrycan uses innovative technology to provide thousands with safe, clean drinking water.

5 Health Benefits Of Having A Lifesaver Jerrycan

The Ethos

The Lifesaver jerrycan was first created after inventor Michael W. Pritchard witnessed the devastating effects that lack of clean water had on countries in the Indian Ocean after the 2004 tsunami and Louisiana’s Hurricane Katrina of 2005. He realised that the water-purification products out there just weren’t good enough and that something had to be done.

The Jerrycan

The Lifesaver jerrycan, as its name suggests, saves lives by quickly and efficiently filtering 99.9999% of bacteria, parasites and other harmful pathogens out of the water, leaving it clean and safe to drink and without strong or harmful chemicals that can affect the taste. 18.5 litres of filtered water is ready in minutes from first use, and it can be re-used again and again for up to 20,000 litres. This makes it invaluable in emergency aid situations or military missions.

How It Works

Each jerrycan comes with a Lifesaver jerrycan that is designed for easy and safe use. It is within the tap that the filtering takes place. Activated carbon filters remove impurities from the water. The jerrycan is pressurised to ensure that the water flows easily from the Lifesaver jerrycan tap regardless of the angle it is at or the amount of water remaining inside it. As well as ensuring effective filtration, this means that in dire situations every last drop of precious water can be used.

The jerrycan is designed to be strong and durable in order to withstand difficult conditions. The tap should be handled carefully between uses to avoid contamination. On the rare occasions that this might happen, it is possible to replace the activated carbon filter easily, whether in the field or in more domestic locations. If kept correctly, the Lifesaver jerrycan tap should be usable for years to come.

Additional filters, replacement taps, pumps and cartridges are available to order on the Lifesaver website, along with plenty of advice and product demonstrations. There are also a variety of other Lifesaver filtration products for a variety of other uses. For example, the Lifesaver C2 is a 750-litre tanker that can provide water for an entire community, while the 750ml Lifesaver bottle is perfect for personal use, filtering water for travellers exploring areas where water may be contaminated.

Whether you’re taking part in an aid mission or interested in off-grid living, the Lifesaver jerrycan with its innovative activated carbon tap filtration will help, as you will know that your drinking water is safe and clean, even in the most unforgiving environments. This is a product that is truly changing the world, one drop of precious water at a time. Take a look at the range of Lifesaver filtration products and find out which would suit your project. Lifesaver are always on hand to provide helpful advice.

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