5 Best Things To Do In Ontario

1. The Island of Peche

The Island of Peche in Canada – is a magic island uninhabited that was made from a peninsula of the Detroit river. This isle is notable because there is the Central swamp. The forest, flora and fauna suffered greatly at the man’s hands, so that most of it was destroyed.

Today the island is quite popular, since it offers picturesque views of untouched sandy beaches, shallow bottom, in combination with transparent crystal clear water that makes it one of the most favorite places for local and foreign students. There is a park also, where waterfowl and other different inhabitants appear since March. For fishing enthusiasts here is an opportunity to have a good fishing, because there are lots of lakes. Look here for more information.

2. Niagara Skywheel

Ferris wheel “Niagara skywheel” is popular attraction in the city of Niagara falls in Canada. The huge touristic complex was built in 2006 and quickly won the hearts of the locals and soon visitors of the city. The height of the attraction is about 53,3 meters. Cabins are fully closed; they are made according to the latest Swiss technologies.

Each of the sealed booths can accommodate more than eight people and equipped with heating tubes and air conditioning. Riding on the Niagara sky lasts from 12 to 15 minutes, visitors could see a beautiful city view and the surrounding area: the river valley and the Niagara Falls. The attraction is open all year round; swimming is possible from 9.00 to 1.00

5 Best Things To Do In Ontario

3. The winery “Chateau des Charmes”

The wine yard location is in the Niagara-On-The-Lake town. “Chateau des Charmes” was founded by the father of the Paul Bosc in 1978. The wine yard has won many national and international wine prizes. The firm was the pioneer that uses wind turbines to reduce the cold winters and autumn and spring frosts.

It’s also the first wine yard in North America that puts QR codes on all their labels to provide buyers with further information. Here you can discover and try the best wines of Canada. We can guarantee that is best wine you’ve ever tried.

4. Caesars Windsor hotel and Casino

Lying not too far from Michigan, this casino has come to be known as a magnet for gamers worldwide. The hotel can host a number of 758 guests and offers a fitness that covers over 10,000 square feet with an atrium setting. Also, including a spa that is open to both male and female guests.

Now a feature that I found most distinguishing and unique was the actual casino that is home to what seems like a sea of electronic slot machines and gaming tables which in turn are set up to take your drink order if you get thirsty when having some fun. Convenient! This casino is also home to a tip end Steak house where you can enjoy a variety of foods that they have to offer. Visit them here to see more of their spectacular features: https://www.caesars.com/caesars-windsor.

5. The Tay Canal

The Tay Canal situated in the East of the province of Ontario. Its length is 9.8 km wide and reaches 11 m in some areas, and the system of gateways provides a General raising of the level of the water is 7.6 m. Today the Canal of the Tay is the official Park of Canada. The shores are equipped with benches, picnic areas, paths for pedestrians and cyclists. Also there is a local entertainment – riding on small boats, which are strongly shaken during the passage of the rapids.

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