5 Best Drive-In Theaters You Must Visit In America

Though it may seem that American drive-in theaters are a thing of the past, many of them around the US are gaining in popularity, of late. And why not? They are way affordable than the plush theaters, and movie aficionados can bring their own comfy chairs and watch some great Hollywood movies. And, if you are keen on investing in a luxury motor home for sale, why not make the most of the occasion by watching some horror flicks from the comfort of your own vehicle? But do not forget the nachos, popcorn and coke if you like munching away while watching movies. Here are five best drive-in theaters that are worth a visit in the country.

5 Best Drive-In Theaters You Must Visit In America

  1. Cumberland Drive-In Theater: This drive-in theater in Newville, Pennsylvania opened in 1952 with the movie “Annie Get Your Gun.” The same family run this theater all these years. In 2013 when film agencies insisted that all drive-ins moved to digital from film, the Cumberland Drive-in Theater faced the problem that affected many other drive-ins in the US. Making this shift meant a huge investment of $75,000 which was tough on the authorities. To make sure that this historic theater continued to operate, the family motivated patrons to vote for them in different social networking platforms. This was triggered by a promise by Honda to donate a projector to the winner. The Cumberland Drive-in theater received maximum vote and hence the promised projector.
  1. Bengies Drive-In Theaters: Bengies drive-in theater in Baltimore, Maryland opened in 1956, and features the biggest screen measuring 120 feet in width and 52 feet in height. It has 6,240 square feet in terms of area. You’ll also love the theater’s FM broadcast systems, state-of-the-art digital projector, intermission clips, and vintage trailers. To offer maximum amusement to its patrons, and to protect the credibility and integrity of the place, stringent rules are observed. Anyone defying the list of guidelines will be asked to leave the place with a refund. So, make sure that you know the rules beforehand to avoid any inconveniences later.
  1. 66 Drive-in Theater: If you believe that old is gold, then this theater in Carthage, Missouri is just for you. It was constructed way back in 1949 along the ancient Route 66 Highway. The screen was widened in the 1950s to distinguish it from ordinary TV telecasts because such screens were popular in the area. Another addition was the playground around that period. The theater was closed for some time in 1985, but later started operating in 1998 after undergoing repairs and restorations. Enjoy contemporary movies with your family and friends during the summer weekend evenings.
  1. Hull’s Drive-in Theater: This is the world’s only non-profit theater, and if you consider the donations it receives from its fans, one of the most popular ones. In 1999 the owner failed to upgrade the theater equipment and reopen it during the summer time. However, the fans pitched in, and started a non-profit organization known as Hull’s Angels. The theater received its tax-exempt status in 2000, and has been operating successfully since then.
  1. Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theater: This theater that opened in 1953 in Honor, Michigan boasts the biggest movie screen in the area. Drive to the Cheery Bowl Drive-in theater in your luxury motor home, and have a great time with your family. Though this place features an FM broadcast, the main sound system includes vacuum tube motiograph amplifying devices on poles at every parking area. And, if you want to get nostalgic, this theater will delight you with its homemade dinner. Savor your taste buds with cheesy ribs and fries while watching cartoons, vintage films, and intermission footage.

Whether you want to visit renovated, bucolic or pioneering drive-in theaters, America has it all. So, start your hunt for used luxury motor homes for sale, invest in one, and head for one of these theaters which are a source of amusement and nostalgia.

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