4 Ways To Use Social SEO For Your Small Business Success

Lets begin with what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization SEO) helps you tinker your website’s rankings in a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) while searching for phrases or queries relevant to the content present in your website.

4 Ways To Use Social SEO For Your Small Business Success

Now, what do we mean by Social SEO?

Social SEO is a strategy related to traditional SEO where social media links and interactions are regarded as a fundamental part of increasing the search rankings of the website based on its content. It may sound complicated (It is), but basically it’s about organizing your content- be it a website or in your social media platform- to appear in higher rankings.

Here are four simple tips that you can begin implementing to aid your business’ success:

1- Add in your place to Google Maps

In the modern world of technology and smartphone innovation, it makes sense to type in the name of the firm on  search engines and let them point out the directions, rather than open a thick book of yellow pages.

So, in order to show up on such sites, we recommend you add in your business’ details- name, address, open hours- to Google’s Listings, and you are good to go!

Speaking of Maps, ensure that your place is updated on Facebook and other social media platforms which promote business locations on Search Engines.

2- Yes, Google+ is still up and running

There were rumours about Google pulling the cord off its social media offspring but Google+ is still alive and kicking. As a business owner, you need to sign up in Google+ and add in as many keywords and descriptions about your business as possible.

And hey, Google lets you add in links to your profile, so you can utilize this opportunity by tagging your business website and other social media links to your Google+ profiles. By spending 15 minutes a day on sharing valuable content on your Google+, Google is likely to increase your rankings to an extent.

4 Ways To Use Social SEO For Your Small Business Success

3- Social Media profile optimization

Social Media plays a key role in Search Engine Optimization. Its mandatory that you focus on being as much descriptive as possible in the “about”, “information” and “description” on your profiles. Utilize keywords that describe your business and words which your users are more likely to search for.

As an example, consider your Facebook page. It’s necessary to add in your office address, Zip Code and Phone number for a proper ranking should a user be searching for your products.

Add links to your website and back for better SEO optimization.

4- Sharable content leads to better chances of Link building

Link building plays an important role in Social SEO. When websites refer to your website and you can link other websites with quality content, Google takes notice of your website and is likely to increase your SERP rankings. The more the authority, the higher the ranking is likely to be.

Likes, comments, retweets contribute to link building in Social Media SEO. As you post engaging and quality content, the more likely you increase your website’s rankings and revenue.

4 Ways To Use Social SEO For Your Small Business Success


As a small business owner, do not rely on SEO to a large extent. SEO is a process which takes time and SERP doesn’t happen in the wink of an eye.

Try to build an impressive reputation through word of mouth and rely on providing amazing service  to your clientele, no matter how small they seem to be.

In time, everything will fall into place.

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