10 Tips To Help You Prepare For Open Inspections

Home inspections are executed by professional to check if the house is really worth its value and also, to make sure that there are no home repairs required or other hidden issues that the buyer has to face when he had bought the house. If you wanted to make your house ready for an open inspection, here are some tips that could help you:

10 Tips To Help You Prepare For Open Inspections

Clean your house thoroughly

Make sure that before the home inspection, your house is thoroughly cleaned. You don’t want to have a bad impression to your potential buyer is he sees some rotted apple around or debris of a broken glass on the stairs. Clean it as much as you can.

Consider the time

Do not be late or as much as possible, make your house ready 30 minute prior to the time that you have set for the inspection. You should also clean the surrounding areas of the house too, inspector and buyer would like to have a look before finally entering the house.

Turn on all utilities

Even though you have vacated the area, make sure that the heating and cooling system are still functioning. All appliances should be tested on your house in order to make sure that it is accessible as well as the electricity.

Vacate areas near heating and cooling system

Inspectors will most likely pay close attention to the air conditioner and other system so make sure that there are no tables or cabinets on the way in order to provide enough space for inspection.

Light pilot light for heaters and other major system

You should light the gas appliances yourself in order for the inspector to check the heating units if it is working properly. If you don’t, you will most likely experience some delay in the process of settlement.

Provide access to basements, attics and garage

Inspector would most likely go and see the storage room of the house so if you haven’t been using it for a while, you should give clean it well and make sure that nothing is around. Spider web isn’t a nice sight to see so make sure to get rid of them.

All remote controls and keys should be on hand

If there are keys that leads to other rooms, make sure that you have it on hand. Unlock all doors to avoid inconvenience.

Provide a clear view to the exterior

They will most likely to go outside in order to have a clear view on the structure and foundation of the house so if there are dead plants and trees around, make sure to cut them all.

All important documents should be on hand

If your house had undergone renovation or repair, provide them a document on it. Make sure that it is just around so that you can have something to show when they started asking for it.

Leave the house upon inspection

There are some buyers who aren’t comfortable having the seller around while they are inspecting the area so make sure to leave the house and give them all the keys that can give them access to the house so that they could work properly in peace.

Home inspections are something that you should really consider taking seriously if you wanted to sell your house quickly and in a much higher price. Following these tips might help you to do so.

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