Why Your Computer System Sounds Creepy To You?

My computer sometimes behavesin a very peculiar manner? This thing has happened with many individuals and professionals while they are using their machines. Well, there are multifarious reasons due to which your system starts performing slow or crashes or acts weird.Perhaps, you may be neglecting it, or doing things unintentionally that affect your computer continuously.

With such slothful acts,you become frustrated with your computer. One of the most popular computer questions that people have about their PCor laptop is “why my computer is running slow?”

Why Your Computer System Sounds Creepy To You?

Below are the multiple reasons that represent why your computer hates you:

You have never created a disk image:Your computer perform in a sluggish way because you have no recovery strategy. You are under the impression, the recoverypartition on that old HP, Lenovo or Dell machine will save yourimportant stuff when you are in need to reinstall the operating system on your machine.You have botchedto consider what would happen if your hard disk corrupted or crashed, providing that recovery partition is futile. It is thetime to create your disk image and you should store it on an external hard disk. Alternatively, you can separate internal hard drive for fast recovery and emergency.

There is not enough free RAM:One of the major reasonspertaining to slow PC performance is RAM. A RAM is a Random Access Memory that your computer uses for temporary working and thinking space. When too many programs running at the same time, your system consume more RAM, leads to sluggish speed. In order to make your computer run faster, run fewer programs at a time orupgrade to more RAM.

Since long time, you haven’tbacked up:It is important to regularly maintain the backup on your system. Your PC hates you . It leads you to the risk of your hard drive fail. It’s justonly a matter ofwhen.Make sure that all your pictures, documents and favorite items are backed up on an external hard drive. Consider getting a network attached storage drive that preventsyou from data loss.

You’re opening the gateway for malware:Another effective reason responsible to slow down your PC is malware. When you open your browser, does it redirect you to a conduit page? Do you have rogue toolbar active on your web browser? Because you have been actively installing virus on your PC, you have become victim of suspicious malware attacks. So, remain vigilant while you are installing any new program or software on your system. A new freeware software model comes at a steep price for your computer performance and security. First read carefully what you are installing and don’t just click OK. You should uncheck all boxes or decline the installing completely if it is comprised of extra junk.

You have not upgraded your hardware since long time:When you are using your system since years, it is essential to regularly maintain your machine. To improve the performance of your computer, it is likely to double the RAM, or switch out for a newer, solid state drive (SSD) which is faster. These simple changescan make your computer systemperform fast.

You have never done the most basic preventive maintenance: Most of the computer concern originates from the system heat up problem. When was the last time you uncover the computer case and blew out your CPU fans? Hot computers causes your system slow and eventually leads to fail. Always remember to clean up around your PC every six months or more to ensure it stays running cool.

You never restart your computer: Your computer performs slowly because it’s been awakefor weeks.It is just like you feel refreshed after a long night sleep, your computer will also get refreshed from an occasional restart. Therefore, make a habit to restart your computerso that it completes the Windows update and free up memory resources consumed by buggy programs.

These are some important reasons that make you irritated when you are doing the important task on your computer. Article is written by Did u Know Online.com.

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