Why You Should Wait For The Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

Before the release or announcement, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 become the best phone of 2015, the reason is very simple. It has everything that someone can need in a smartphone moreover the specifications are itself amazing.

Why You Should Wait For The Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The camera specs of Galaxy Note 5 include, all new 16MP sensor (little different then the S6), and 5MP front sensor, especially for the selflies. The performance of S6 camera was not only decent, few miracles were also observed, for example in the night shots without flash it appears that the measurement matrix is better protected when out more clearly to a scene, something very necessary. Needless to say that you can get the point more clearly pointing in quotation marks one of the darkest areas but in return we believe that this sensor, burning a few more highlights. Clearly night in manual mode matrix metering and center offset they are in that order that we can better work. If we talk about the macro, always in a manual, we felt that we can go a little further than the macro in automatic mode, you also have the option to adjust a little more focus and be precise. Finally there are no selective approaches without being a hundred percent manual mode if somehow attentive photographer creativity through an algorithm that uses the camera to capture two photos in forcing the focus point where most interested us. It is a feature found in other models on the market and that everyone, including the Samsung Galaxy S6, works quite well, is simple and practical. For Samsung Galaxy Note 5 it would on the same lines.

When analyzing the qualities of video (of S6) little it can be said, it similar with sensors and as the firm offered in Note 4, wherein the video quality was amazing. Here the team is the path to an image stabilizer that seems to work pretty well, remember that we force on a bus that kept taking small jumps over the bumps and the result is there and speaks for itself. As for videos of slow and fast motion say that it is worth having them, are unique in being able to edit the time of the video that you want to be affected by the filter slow speed and you certainly are a perfect tool for those who want to give a little more creativity. We stayed with the sensor sees and solves as well, said processor Exynos blessed by the way, that when you take a photo automatically. The quality, density and color contrast is very good and only limit to five minutes to record 4K quality, at least the model that we have tested, which is the unit of 32 gigs would be the only but put. And no doubt it would work it with the 16GB version. The Good news is that there would be 128GB version of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as well.

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