Why You Should Opt For Led Bulb Light?

You will often hear about LED bulbs, if you are wondering what it is, it is actually a bulb that comes with light-emitting diodes. There are multiple advantages of using LEDs over their CFL counterparts. The primary reason why most people tend to choose LED over CFL is its minimum power consumption. LEDs use tiny amount of power and thereby you are able to save a considerable amount on your electric bill. The LED equivalent of a 60W incandescent light uses just 6-8W. Again, needless to say, LEDs have quite a long lifespan, once you install them you do not have to think much about replacing them anytime soon. It is evident from scientific researches that LEDs hardly contain any toxic mercury.

 Why You Should Opt For Led Bulb Light?

What are the Main Benefits of Installing LED Bulbs?

The invention of LED bulbs has revolutionized the concept of home lighting forever. Once you install a LED bulb, you will understand the difference soon. There are practically unending benefits of installing Led bulb lights, let’s take a close look at some of them.

  • Longevity: When you install the CFL’s or a casual fluorescent bulb, it will hardly last you two months or so and that is where the differences between LEDs and other bulb lies. When you install the LED bulbs, you do not have to think about replacing them within 10 to 15years. Well, you just read it right, if you use the premium quality LED bulb light, it can last at least for a decade, which cuts out all the possibilities of replacing the existing bulb or any additional expense for it.
  • Efficient lighting: When it comes to efficiency, you will hardly find any other options as competent as LED bulbs. A regular bulb converts only about 10% of the electricity into light, but you have to pay for the entire electricity it consumes. On the other hand, LEDs convert 90% of the total electricity they consume into lighting up your interiors or anywhere you place it.
  • No fire hazard: LED bulbs emit cold light which reduces fire hazards to a great extent. The regular bulbs generally use electricity to convert heat into light, which increases the potential risk of fire. The working procedure of LEDs is quite simple, as they use electricity to stir up the electrons which then produce light.
  • Nature-friendly: LED bulbs are made up in such a way that they do not contain any harmful elements such as mercury; therefore they are eco-friendly and they help you to save the nature. The regular bulb that people generally use contains mercury. Mercury-containing lights are not only harmful for the surroundings but prolonged exposure to mercury lights can also cause skin problems.
  • Variety of designs: The increasing demands of LED bulb light have resulted in the production of different kinds of bulbs that goes according to the look of your interior. The flexible designs of the LED bulbs can help you lift up your mood, as soon as you switch it on.


There are many people you will find who are quite hesitant about choosing the LED bulbs over anything, as they find the LED bulbs quite expensive over the other regular options available in the market. Here you must understand the fact that investing in a LED bulb can help you to save the money for all those bulbs you would have used in a span of ten years, as once you install the LED bulb light, it is going to serve you for all the years to come. It is the ideal lighting solution for your interior, as well as for the garden or for the outdoor area of your house.

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