Why Top Employers Make Their Staff Undergo PMP Certification Training?

Business scenarios and trends tend to change from time to time. To help a company adapt to these changes, its staff needs to be updated with the latest corporate training programs and tools. Project management forms a vital part of the business operations. Most of the MNCs, these days are investing heavily o ensure that their employees have PMP certification. Here are a some of the major reasons why they are doing so:-

Group training is affordable and reduces the frequency of work disruptions

Institutes that offer training in project management offer attractive discounts for companies that opt for in-house training sessions. This makes it possible for companies to train their employees within an affordable budget. As a result, it won’t have to spend extra amount on travel, meals, etc. Group training also ensures that there is no complete loss of productivity during the training period.

Though trainees will have to abstain from work while training session is in progress, their presence at the work place will help to keep day to day work run smoothly. As the class timings can be changed according to work flow, managers can ensure longer breaks for executives who need to verify critical tasks throughout training.

Why Top Employers Make Their Staff Undergo PMP Certification Training?

 Process, as well as techniques, can be discussed in the context of workplace

This is the biggest plus point when it comes to workplace and process enhancement. The processes, as well as techniques that come under PMP certification, are a bit generic. Another advantage of discussions is that methods and principles can be discussed in the context of a particular company. Failures and obstacles that might have occurred in the past can be discussed apart from the approaches that will help to avoid them in future. Similarly, all approaches and tools that contribute to success can be discussed and ways for maximizing their utility going forward.

Team members will have a greater say

Training in a group will enable employees to have greater interactive and open training experience. Executives are likely to be less hesitant in asking questions when they are with their colleagues. Their motivation levels are high as a result. This in turn helps to create a healthy competition. They tend to review as a group after training sessions. This helps to remove doubts that may crop up in their minds during the class.

Group training ensures quicker certification

By making executives undergo training as a group, a manager can ensure that all executives start off at the same time. They can submit their applications as soon as a class ends, and all doubts will b resolved by the instructor then and there. As a result of group training, the resulting accountability ensures that there is no laxity among the staff in delaying the exam.

Days and hours can be customized as per business needs

It is often difficult for a manager to keep some of his executives away for training for four consecutive days. Therefore, it is a better idea for an organization to choose the dates and time of training. This will ensure that the chosen dates don’t hinder the running of their business process in any way.

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