Why Is It Important to Check Surfboard Fins Before Selecting Your Surfboard?

There are different parts involved in making a surfboard but the most essential of all is the surfboard fin. This is the part which controls the movement of board on the wave. This is much more like a rudder of a boat which is used to stabilize and steer the surfboard according to the wave direction.

The future fins are fixed on surfboards to prevent surfers from spinning in circles while riding on the wave. This enables the surfer to travel and slide on the wave under a controlled path. Thus, the surfboards fins are one of the most necessary aspects to be checked before you purchase your surfboard in the market.

Surfboard Fins

In this article, you will understand the basic features and the importance of the surfboard fins.

The basic features of surfboard fins

Before purchasing your surfboard, cross the check the following characteristics first regarding the surfboard fin.

  • Foil of the surfboard fin is the horizontal curve of the fin which is measured from the front edge to trailing edge.
  • Rake of the surfboard fin is the distance between the trailing edge of the fin base and the fin tip. This is the one which increases traction between the wave and the board.
  • Depth of the surfboard fin. The maximum height of a fin is measured from the bottom surface of the board. The maximum depth of the fin will directly increase the sliding speed of the board.
  • Base of the surfboard fin. This is the length of the fin where it joins the surfboard. The increase in the length of the fin adds forward drive and is usually found in Short board with three to four fins.

The importance of using surfboard fins

The surfboard fin design is a fundamental component of every surfboard ever constructed. Nowadays, the fins are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. However, they all have the same curved appearance which allows cutting the waves arising in the ocean. They are also flexible that suits every surfers surfing preferences.

The fins curved appearance is the one which offers high performance to the surfer sliding on the sea wave. As the surfboard slides across the surface of the wave, the surf fins causes traction which helps the surfer to hold the board on the wave. Thus, it is for sure that the fins are the most important part of surfing boards, since they are responsible for unique surfing experiences.

Hope, you are clear about the features and the importance of the surfboard fins in surfing boards!

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