Why Is Getting Synthetic Turf a Good Idea for All Dog Owners?

If you have a pet dog and it loves to play in your backyard and front yard, then it is good idea to get synthetic turf. Synthetic turf as the name says is an artificial lawn and is engineered by keeping in mind the needs of pet owning households.

Synthetic turf is not only pet friendly, but has been made as a much favored alternative to natural grass. This feature makes it best suited for the dog hostels and dog kennels. In fact, most places that host dog shows also have artificial turf.

Synthetic Turf

This is made up of polypropylene and polyethylene. These synthetics are melted together to make long yarn like strands. These strands are then tufted together to give a grass like look and feel. The strands are then given an upright look with the help of washed sand. The material used and the manufacturing process keeps the turf rigid and long lasting.

The backing of this turf is really strong and even the most determined dogs are not able to ruin or puncture the turf. Most manufacturers also give a 10 year warranty on the lawn, if any damage or tearing does occur in the future.

Lot of development and modifications have been made on synthetic turf over the years and the turfs that are used today have a complete look and feel of natural grass. Gone are the days when the synthetic grass used to look like carpet. In fact, the synthetic turfs not only resemble the real thing in both look and feel, but come with zero hassles that are associated with maintaining natural grass, especially in dog owning households.

Advantages of Using Artificial Turf

The artificial green turf for dogs is very popular amongst most dog owning households as it has been engineered by keeping in mind the special needs and habits of the dogs. All dogs love to run around in the grass, dig, and scratch and need to relieve themselves repeatedly. When dogs urinate on natural grass they always spoil the grass and cause discoloration. This is because the urine is acidic and it gives a leaves a very unappealing look. However, that problem is resolved by using artificial turf.

Here is a list of advantages that it offers to pet owners over natural grass:

  • It is easy drainage system, which makes cleaning up after the dog very easy. It only needs a hose down.
  • The material used is completely non-toxic and allergen free. It will not pose health hazard, in case the dog ingests any part of the grass.
  • As there is no mud in the grass, so you are relieved of the task of cleaning up the trailing marks of the pet inside the house and on your carpets.
  • There is no discoloration of the grass on the frequently used parts by your pet. This is because, it is stain resistant. This is unlike natural grass, which not only gets discolored but also whittles away in those parts.

With so much ease and convenience in keeping your grass in perfect condition, you now can spare extra time to play with your dog. So, your artificial turf can keep both you and your dog happy.

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