What’s The May Two-Four Weekend Without Fireworks?

Victoria Day, or as we know it colloquially as the May Two-Four weekend, commemorates the birthday of Queen Victoria, nearly 100 years ago. Most Canadians barely consider this former queen when they celebrate the holiday, however. It signifies the first weekend spent camping or at the cottage, spent with the obligatory two-four of Canadian. It’s also the first holiday of summer that’s celebrated with fireworks.

What's The May Two-Four Weekend Without Fireworks?

For many of us, the weekend is full of the piercing whines and the thunderous cracks of nearby fireworks. Some of the most popular fireworks used on Victoria Day are fountains and roman candles. Though you can find them in convenience stores and tents alongside the 401, you won’t find the greatest selection. You’ll also be shelling out the big bucks to buy less than quality fireworks. To find the best fireworks at low prices, you’ll have to go online. Everything from sparklers, spinners, aerial cakes, and flying lanterns can be found online.

Many online stores also offer special deals, featured items, and the ability to purchase in bulk. Bulk items generally include a number of similar items at discounted prices, such as four cakes, six fountain cones, or twelve roman candles. Packages are generally a combination of various items that complement each other and are put together by firework design experts to create the best display. Online firework shopping also offers the advantage of special deals and packages not available in stores. They present spectacular firework packages at a fraction of in-store costs.

What's The May Two-Four Weekend Without Fireworks?

When you’re ready to stock-up on fireworks for your May Two-Four celebration, be sure to check out the leading name in fireworks displays. With stores across Ontario and an extensive online shop, Rocket Fireworks has the best fireworks available this season. You can pick and choose the fireworks you want, or you can contact one of their design specialists to create a special display for your holiday. No matter what you choose, you’ll end up having the best display.

With a proper display you can be proud to show off to your friends and family, you can be sure to celebrate Victoria Day right. Enter into a long Canadian tradition in celebrating the beginning of summer, and raise a beer and toast to the skies this May long weekend.

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