What You Should Not Do When Driving A Car


So you bought your first car, maybe you even opted for exotic cars like Lamborghini Gallardo, lucky you! And got a driver’s license. You know perfectly well, how you are going to use your car and when you are going go, however, you might not know what you actually should not do when driving a car!

What You Should Not Do When Driving A Car

  1. You should not speed on an unfamiliar part of a road, because no one knows what is waiting for you around the next bend. Therefore, you need to slow down when taking steep turns, and even if you are familiar with the road, it is better to slow down a bit just to be sure that nothing bad will happen.
  2. Do not get distracted by advertising banners. They can greatly distract you while driving which might result into getting into an accident. You primary task is to pay attention both to the road and the traffic signs along it. Nothing else should distract your attention.
  1. You also should not get distracted by the things inside the car. You have to learn how to switch gears, press pedals, open windows and so on without taking your eyes off the road. In no case, a driver should take off their eyes off the road to fix hair, freshen lipstick (which is more true for women), or make a phone call. You run the risk of losing concentration and in the event of an unpredicted situation, you will just not have time to react to it. If you need to look something up in a map, you must pull over and do so.
  1. If you love to listen to music while driving, the music playing in your car should not be too loud, this way it will not distract you from driving. If there is someone riding shotgun then when talking to them you should not turn your head toward that person, since you will lose sight of the road and risk getting into an accident.
  2. If your car has ordinary headlights, then for better illumination of the road at nighttime it is better to install xenon headlamps.
  1. Also, if you are fond of talking on the phone, or if you are a business man and you need to use your phone a lot, you should buy a special device for that, or just you’re your earphones. This will allow your hands to remain on the steering wheel, as well as eliminate the fines from the traffic police.
  2. If you are a beginner driver, you should not go to the roads with heavy traffic. First of all, you have to “feel” the car, learn how to maneuver without breaking traffic regulations and learn how to be more relaxed in your actions behind the wheel.

To sum up, we hope you liked our tips on what you should not do when driving and you find them interesting and useful. In addition, if you just got a driver’s license and you didn’t buy a car yet, you can visit this site to find BMW X5 for sale or some other cheaper cars. Have a nice trip!

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