What To Expect On A Marijuana Dispensaries Menu

Medical marijuana dispensaries have menus that list all of their products and services. Find out what to expect when browsing through a menu and which options may be available to you.

All local dispensaries will have their own menu with different types of marijuana strains listed. While every dispensary is different, there are a few common listings that almost all dispensaries will have, and some that may be unique to a specific locale.

What To Expect On A Marijuana Dispensaries Menu

Common Items on a Marijuana Dispensaries Menu

When visiting a dispensary, you’ll find the staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable. You’ll need to provide proof that you legally require medical marijuana, and you’ll be asked a variety of questions to best offer a strain that works for your ailment.

Menus may be given or listed within the shop.

The most common item categories that you’ll find listed are:

  • Indica: Best suited for night use, Indica is perfect for its relaxing and calming effects. This strain is best used when a person can rest calmly at home and not be expected to be upbeat and energetic.
  • Sativa: Anyone that still needs to function throughout the day will want to use a sativa strain of weed. Sativa provides an uplifting and energetic high that can cause hallucinations and a cerebral high. Sativa is best used during the day time.
  • Hybrid: Hybrids do exist and are a mix of both indica and sativa. These hybrids offer the best of both worlds and may provide a relaxed body feeling while still providing the uplifting and energetic feel patients need.

Again, the strain that’s right for you will depend on your ailment. Many people will need to experiment with their strain to find one that is perfect for them. This is when your list of medical marijuana dispensaries will be very useful. If a dispensary doesn’t have a helpful staff that is willing to work with you until you find the right strain for you, find another dispensary that is more helpful.

Don’t settle for medical marijuana that doesn’t provide you with the utmost benefits.

Less Common Items

As you may already know, marijuana can also be eaten or consumed rather than smoked. Many people prefer ingesting marijuana so that they don’t have to smoke it. The following options may be available to you:

  • Edible: Normally in the form of bars. Edible options provide you with an easy, discreet way to use medical marijuana.
  • Drinks: Several companies make tasty drinks that have marijuana in them.

You’ll also find seeds that can be purchased to grow your own marijuana plants at home. Every state has different laws on the growing and cultivating of medical marijuana with several states not allowing you to cultivate weed.

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