What Steps Should You Take To Enhance The Efficiency Of Your PC?

Ensuring the proper functioning of a PC is a big challenge that most people face from time to time. As in case of every other electronic equipment, a computer also requires regular maintenance. In case you are at your wit’s end while dealing with system slowdown, here are some effective PC maintenance tips for you:-

What Steps Should You Take To Enhance The Efficiency Of Your PC?

Remove All Junk Files Left from your Hard Drive

For removal of unnecessary files, you should use Disk Cleanup utility that comes with Windows systems. In case you are using Linux, then you can go for Bleachbit or cleansweep. Since cache and cookies which are left behind by browsers can consume a lot of space, deleting them should be your priority.

Defragment your Hard Drive from Time to Time

Windows XP comes with a utility tool that you can use for hard drive defragmentation. However, there is another tool known as Magical Defrag  using which you can automatically defragment your system during a situation when your PC doesn’t work.

Look  for and Remove Spyware and Viruses from your System

There are numerous tools using which you can accomplish this task. You can use AVG antivirus for this purpose.

Uninstall Programs and Music which you don’t need

The greater the amount of free space you have in your system, the faster will be the speed of your PC. You will find a remarkable improvement in your PC speed once you remove all programs and music that you no longer use from your system.

Utilize your PC’s Disk Management Systems

In case you are a Windows user, then select performance and maintenance. The, go to ‘Rearrange items on your hard disk’ and free up space on your hard disk. On the other hand, if you have a Mac, go to Applications folder, and select Utilities folder before launching Disk Utility.

Uncheck All Startup Programs which you No Longer Use

This can be done by using the MSConfig command in RUN command prompt. It will open a window which will help you do this. Ccleaner comes with a feature which will enable you to uncheck all useless startup programs.

Remove Dust from your System

Computers are known to accumulate a lot of dust over time. Apart from being a allergy hazard, a dusty PC will trap more heat, which can have a negative impact on its  performance and durability. The simplest way to clean your PC is to open the case, take it out and blow the dust away. Its exterior can be wiped using a damp cloth. Cleaning your PC once in a year would be sufficient.

Use Windows Troubleshooting Platform

You can make use of Windows Troubleshooting Platform offers a wide range of troubleshooting packs which can resolve numerous issues such as inability to connect to the internet, poor PC performance etc. Using these automated packs you can look for common issues such as ” Troubleshoot audio playback”. The tool will verify all configuration settings which may be responsible for the issue. Apart from troubleshooting packs, this platform also provides quick access to starting remote assistance and system restore tools. You can also gain access to troubleshooters by going to the Start Menu and typing ”fix” and ”troubleshoot”.

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