What Products You Can Expect To Need When Storing Your Stuff

It’s inevitable that we buy a little more than we need sometimes. Over the years, this means we have a lot of stuff – sometimes more than we can fit in our homes. Many people all over the world are turning to self-storage units to solve their problem of space. As the self-storage unit business soars to an astonishing $27 billion dollars of revenue in 2014 alone, it’s no wonder that more local economies will follow suit. In Southern Ontario, and particularly in Richmond Hill, self-storage units are quickly becoming a popular way to store belongings.

Making a decision to store items outside of your home is never easy. You bought your various belongings for a reason, and you want to keep them safe. You can’t trust your valuable clothes, furniture, documents, and other items to just any storage unit – even if it’s the stuff that no longer has a home in your house. As the safety of your things is the core of your concern, you need to make sure that the storage unit you choose is properly secured.

What Products You Can Expect To Need When Storing Your Stuff

Beyond a simple space to store your stuff, you’ll need specific product to reduce the amount of damage your belongings can undergo. The list of products is longer than you might think! Items that you’d expect to find on there include boxes (of varying sizes), bubble wrap, glass packs, furniture covers, and mattress bags. Those items that might surprise you are skids, stretch wrap, and packing peanuts. You’ll also want to have handy permanent markers (to identify what is stored in which box), utility knives, and packing tape. When you’re storing your valuable belongings, you can never invest too much precaution.

Aside from the many items available that help keep your belongings protected and organized, self-storage facilities offer additional services to protect your stuff. Climate controlled storage buildings, pest control, security features, contents insurance, and advice on the best size storage facility that meets your needs are among the things you should expect to come with your self-storage unit. Just because you expect it doesn’t necessarily you’ll find it comes with every unit you see. Do research and speak with the representatives in your area to find out what they can offer you. The Abacus Self Storage location in Richmond Hill offers unparalleled security and service. They offer 24/7 surveillance of their properties through video cameras and on-site inspections, assisted by enforced fences, bright lights, and unique passcodes for your unit. Their representatives are also friendly contacts you can rely on to offer knowledgeable and helpful advice on how best to store your items.

Now that you are aware of the different products that you may need when you store your stuff, consider these other tips: jot down each item you will be storing; write down serial numbers of any electronics; and, take pictures of those items for insurance purposes. By being properly prepared, you can ensure your belongings are securely stored in a self-storage unit of your own.

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