What Are The Personal Characteristics Required By A Successful Fashion Designer?

You may be dreaming to have a career in fashion. However, it takes lot more than your skills and passion to build a good career in fashion designing, fashion magazines and red-carpet specialists. In order to become a successful fashion designer, you need have creative skills, artistic skills and computer knowledge.

Working at Justfab, most designers believe that successful fashion designers need a mix of various characteristics. While working in fashion designing company, you can earn a good salary. In this post, we’ve discussed most important personal characteristics which you need to build to have a successful career in fashion designing.

What Are The Personal Characteristics Required By A Successful Fashion Designer?

Artistic Ability

Fashion designers always need to be artistic. They need to have a sense how different colors work together and how various fabrics are different from each other. Designers also need to understand how to put their creative ideas on paper, either with computer aided design programs or with hand-drawn sketches. In simple terms, fashion designers need to have an aptitude for art and design.


Needless to say, fashion designers need to be creative. They should be able to use their imagination to conjure patterns and outfits. Designers work with wide range of colors, shapes and fabrics to create outfits that look practical, fashionable and distinctive. Fashion designers need to visualize their outfits before sketching anything on paper. They should have an ability to come up with unique fashion ideas, while possessing a sense of style.


Fashion designers work with different people, from various walks of life. While working in a team, designers need to communicate effectively. From advising sewers about stitching to instructing pattern-makers about developing blueprints, fashion designers need to explain details effectively and simply. Designers can also communicate with customers and shipping department specialists.

Computer Skills

As mentioned earlier, fashion designers also use computer-aided design programs to come up with unique designs. For many large scale presentations, computer-aided design programs are used. Employers always prefer fashion designers who are familiar with technology to illustrate their creations. Many art design schools and fashion institutes offer certificate programs for designers. There are various programs, including product data management, design development and pattern design.


Attention about detail is extremely important. Fashion designers should be able to spot difference between a dud design and a popular design. While working at JustFab, many fashion designers handle precise work during garment fittings, pattern preparation and other tasks. This offers them to create designs which can become popular.


Last but not the least, fashion designers should know how to build garments they design. In simple terms, this requires some skills in sewing like fabric draping and knitting. Designers need to have an understanding about fabric manipulation, including appliqué, pleating, gathering and layering.

Companies like JustFab.com always look for fashion designers who can work for them. However, such reputed companies have strict criteria for selections. Since company offers wide range of products at reasonable prices, it aims to hire the best in the business. Thus, it’s important to possess these personal characteristics to become a successful fashion designer.

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