What Are Surf Board Fins, Their Types And Function?

What are surf board fins?

Surfboards are platforms which helps the surfer to stand stable on the moving wave in the sea. Number of parts is involved while structuring the surfboard where one of the most important parts that are involved while designing a surfboard is the surfboard fins. These fins are similar to the rudder of a boat which is used to stabilize and steer the surfboard.

The fin is the part in the surfboard which prevents the surfers from spinning in circles while riding a wave that arises in the ocean. Thus the fin in a surfboard helps the surfer to slide in a controlled path enabling the surfer to turn back and cut the wave easily.

Rusty surfboards Australia

Rusty surfboards Australia includes surfboard fins which come in a variety of size, pattern and shape. These fins are flexible as well as durable in order to withstand the force of the wave arising. The only common thing found on every variety of fins produced is the curved appearance of the fin which allows the surfer to move fast on the wave.

Types of surfing board fins

Basically, there are two types of fins widely used by surfboards manufactures that make world class surfboards for surfers and the fins are called as glass-on fins and removable fins.

  • The glass on fins is the one which is firmly fixed to surfboard. These fins cannot be removed or replaced.
  • Wherein the removable type surfboard fins can be easily removed and be replaced at any time. A range of different type of replaceable fin set will be provided as you buy your surfboard. Hence you can remove the old one and replace with a new one.
  • Other than the two types of fins available, there is another type called the soft fins which is referred by trainers to surfer who are new to surfing. This is because they are much safer when compared other two varieties of fins.

Fin setup on surfboard and its functions

In long boards, single fin is normally used because it is both wider and longer when compared to other fin setups. Single fin offers the surfer stability and control over the wave while sliding on it.

The next type of set up preferred is the twin fin setup which is composed of two parallel fins that are attached to the bottom of the surfboard. By using this set up you can move faster and it enables you to turn easy. Moreover, these twin setup fins are identical in all dimensions hence speed is greatly increased.

Thus, surfboard fins are the one which helps the surfer to perform all stunts on the wave without falling or slipping into the sea!

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