What Are Icon Helmets?

What all is in your mind when you go out to purchase a helmet? Is it just the light-weightiness, the design, or something more? Some of you may have a long list of features that you expect from your helmet.

What Are Icon Helmets?

Icon Helmets give you the best of helmets at the lowest price. However, if you want to get more features, you will have to shed more out. Read about them to know more.

Icon Motorsports have been turning heads by their marketing campaigns. They constantly come up with new and limited edition graphic designs that provide safety and function.

Icon offers one dirt inspired full face helmet and three full face helmet choices. They rise in prices and offer improved fit for your head at every level.

Choosing a helmet model can be easy, choosing a graphic model is slightly difficult because of the wide range available.

Icon helmets are extremely high value helmets. Their helmets are of different styles but they have supported sport and stunt riders.

Icon helmets are designed in such a manner that there is an internal head shape. Icon helmets are available in a wide range of internal shapes. Icon Variant helmets are round-oval in shape, Icon Alliance helmets are fairly oval, Icon Airframe Helmets are narrow and Icon Airmada Helmets are in long-oval shape. They have an eye to detailing and use soft and plush materials to provide a custom fit. You will definitely enjoy your ride by using these helmets.

What Are Icon Helmets?

Icon helmets come with face shields that are of the same color as that of the helmet which essentially gives finished look.

Icon has a good venting system as well. All this certainly gives a high quality product.

Icon’s helmets are certified to pass DOT, SAI (Australia) ECE (Europe) and SG (Japan) standards at the same time.

Icon helmets reduce the wind noise to a lot of extent. However, the wind sound depends on quite a lot of aspects starting from the rider’s head shape, wind screen, motorcycle type and the jackets as well. But overall these Airframe helmets reduce the booming noise.

Icon helmets come probably with the largest graphical updates every year. Not only this, they are designed in such a way that they provide high quality, safety and offer excellent value for money.

To buy the latest Icon helmets, you can contact the leading store, High Note Performance. They are the number one store of motorcycle accessories, parts and apparels in India. They are the most trusted ones and provide in the lowest price. They have taken a slant towards the passionate motorcycle riders who want to ride in comfort and style.

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