Ways To Fix A Slow Computer

A slow computer can be a great annoyance especially if you are stuck at work solely because your computer refuses to run any faster than it already is. If you are really tired of trying to make your computer run faster, and have done possibly everything you could think of to speed it up, do the following before you take it to an expert. Sometimes, the problem with a computers speed can be the result of both an external and an internal issue. Following are some of the easiest and effective quick fixes that will get your computer up and running without needing the assistance of an expert:

  • Uninstall Programs that are No Longer Being Used

What is the point of stuffing your computer with icons that you have no idea how to use? When you purchase a new computer, there is a reason why it is so fast – the absence of unnecessary programs. A lot of people do not know that even when they are installing programs they need, the computer is automatically also installing unused programs. So instead of just swooning over the fact that your computer screen is flooded with complicated icons, get rid of them and bring the life back into the computer system.

Ways To Fix A Slow Computer

  • Delete All The Temporary Files

Sometimes when you use the internet, it automatically embeds in itself the opened pages in the form of browsing history. Similarly, temporary files get installed each time new software is downloaded. Therefore, when you are installing a new program into your system, ensure that either you choose the option of skipping out on the temp files, or visit settings and delete the temp files yourself. This will greatly impact the speed of your computer.

  • Install A Solid Drive

If you are feeding your computer a lot of information, it is not its fault that it’s slow. Hence, get yourself a solid hard drive and you will see how your start-up speeds up.

  • Get More Storage

Sometimes the main problem that makes a computer effectively slow is the lack of space and the excess of things. Regardless of how careful you are, eventually there comes a time when the space on your computer is just not enough to hold the information you are providing it with. Very conveniently you can now purchase hard drives that give you all the extra space you need and do not make your computer feel like it is being bombarded with heavy information.

  • Clean The Disks

If you want to clean the disks, the process is rather simple. Go to the task bar and click on start. The option of all programs will pop up in front of you, choose it and pick the category of accessories. With a further option of system tools you can easily conduct a thorough disk cleanup. Do this frequently.

  • Perform External Cleaning

Sometimes the problem with a slow computer has nothing to do with the internal wear but has everything to do with the exterior. You can very easily fix this if you simply take a vacuum and clean the device from the outside. Just the fan of the computer can take up so much dust that it can majorly slow its performance down. Unclog the flow of air with the help of your vacuum and keep your computer clean.

With these easy and basic steps you can have your computer up and running again. For best results, conduct these fixes on regular basis.

Hilly Smith is the author of this article. She refers to this website, to help people easily fix slow computers right at home by professionals.

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