Visit To The Largest City In China “Forbidden City”

Forbidden City is the Chinese largest city of China and has a collection of very well preserved ancient buildings and largest palace complex across the world. It is called Forbidden City as it was off the limits for 500 years. The city is known as Palace Museum although majority of Chinese address it Gu Gong.

Visit To The Largest City In China “Forbidden City”

The Hall of Supreme Harmony is the largest and most important structure in Forbidden City. It was built in 15th century and restored in 17th century to be used for ceremonial occasions like birthday of emperor, coronations and nomination of the military leaders. There is Dragon Throne which has been richly decorated, inside Hall of Supreme Harmony. The emperor presided over the officials from here. Entire court was required to touch their forehead to floor nine times in presence of emperor. Hall of Middle Harmony, which is smaller, is behind Hall of Supreme Harmony and was used as transit lounge of emperor. He would rehearse his speeches here, have last-minute preparations and receive close ministers. Hall of Preserving Harmony is third hall that was used for the banquets and then for imperial examinations. There are no support pillars in the hall and has marble imperial carriageway weighing 250-tonne, carved with clouds and dragons. Visit China by availing the best discount using Redbus coupons.

Tourists could enter using U-shaped Meridian Gate at south end of complex. This entrance was earlier meant only for use of emperor. Coming and going of imperials was indicated by sounding of bells and gongs. Lesser mortals made use of lesser gates. West gate was used by military and east gate by the civilians. From here the emperor reviewed armies, gave judgment on the prisoners, oversaw flogging of the troublesome ministers and announced calendar of New Year. Using Meridian Gate, you will reach Gate of Supreme Harmony. An audience of 100,000 could be held in this courtyard. Get hold of some Makemytrip discount coupons to get great discounts.

Before passing through Gate of Supreme Harmony, veer off to east and west of huge courtyard for visiting Painting and Calligraphy Gallery inside Hall of Martial Valor and Ceramics Gallery inside creaking Hall of Literary Glory. There were three more halls that were smaller but more important in real power. First is Palace of Heavenly Purity that was residence o emperors and later used as hall to receive high officials and foreign envoys. Just behind this is Hall of Union having water clock manufactured in 1745. It also has mechanical clock readied in 1797. Palace of Earthly Tranquility was bridal chamber of imperial couple and also center of operations for harem in palace.

Mini Forbidden City called Complete Palace of Peace and Longevity was constructed mimicking structure of great halls of central axis. Imperial concubines and empress dowager lived here. It now has many museum exhibitions known as Treasure Gallery which you can visit at discounted prices availing the best offers at

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