Using Google+ To Expand Your Business

A strong presence on any social networking platform is necessary if you wish to establish a long-term relationship and your authority in any business domain. Even if Google Plus is a place that has not been able to attract users as much as Google has hoped to achieve. All thanks to the more friendly Facebook, and other social networking platforms that work for specific purposes like LinkedIn for professional connectivity and Pinterest where businesses pin down images and GIFs for people to connect and know their business.

Apart from them, Twitter has also been able to make a significant place owing to the heavy presence of social and political leaders going public expressing their views on issues concerning the masses, for them to know and spread awareness. However, for business’ point of view, it is wise not to leave any stone unturned when it comes to promotion. No amount of promotion is termed as excessive and no matter the number of times your post or message is displayed. Even if a few influential people repost or promote the same, then your business is a success in no time.

Using Google+ To Expand Your Business

Diversify and expand your backlinks market

There used to be a time when even if you market your business on a single social networking platform that has the presence and attention of the majority of your target market then your business used to flourish.

But with the changing time and trend, it is recommended that you target all kinds of social networking platforms if you intend to succeed. People outside the industry perceive Google Plus as just another social network that is not even going as strong as expected, but the truth is that if business gains momentum on Google Plus circles, then it is more likely to rank higher than on other social networking platforms.

Enhanced local search visibility

If you spend some time with your company’s or business page on Google plus then it is a major boost to enhance the local ranking on search engine. Also, posting on Google plus has an added advantage as each post generates a different URL. So, if a single post by you is able to attract client or engage people, then it is a possibility that it may rank on top faster than your website. Also, a single post has the capability to enhance the visibility of your business on Google’s search result page.


You can connect your personal profile on Google Plus to your website. So your google plus profile rank on SERPs (Search engine result pages), which directly impacts and improve the visibility of your business. Also, it enhances the visibility of every page and blog on your website that has your name on it as the author. It is very important to adhere to these norms if you deal with, or your profession is one of the following:

  • Doctor
  • Realtor
  • Consultant
  • Lawyer
  • Agent

People not only get to know you through your writing but are also able to connect you with your business easily in short you are able to hit two birds with a single stone.

Integration of platforms

Unlike other social networking platforms (except Facebook), you get an added advantage of integrating other social networking platforms with Google plus. You can link videos that are on YouTube with your Google+ post, or you can connect the user to Gmail. It not only helps in creating credibility to the write-up but also help you expand your circle into untested waters which is the soul of networking.

In conclusion, I don’t see a valid point as to why you should avoid setting up a business page on Google + and work efficiently to drive traffic through that page as well just like you do with other social networking platforms.

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