Travel Essentials For Israel

Preparing for a long trip to Israel will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and everything you see in Israel will be etched in your mind forever. This article explores packing methods for your trip to Israel that will help you look and feel your best for the duration of the trip. Cover every step in this article to ensure you are ready for the trip, and you will find yourself in Israel with everything you need.

Travel Essentials For Israel

#1: Appropriate Luggage

Your trip to Israel requires many essentials, and you must travel with a suitcase that will hold everything you need. The plane trip offers you an opportunity to bring a carry-on item, and you must check everything else you pack. Keeping everything you need in a single large suitcase will make the trip simpler, and you will only pay one fee to check your baggage.

Choose a suitcase with rollers that you can pull easily, and select a suitcase that has a wet/dry pocket. You can slide your cosmetics and toiletries in this safe compartment, and the rest of your items will be protected in the event of a spill. Your carry-on bag should be large enough to carry all your electronics, and you must bring a change of clothes in your carry-on in case there is a problem with your luggage.

#2: Appropriate Clothing

Israel is a beautiful country, but Israel is extremely hot for most of the year. You must bring summer clothing that are breathable. Pack a warm outfit in the event of a cold snap during your trip, and you must bring shoes that will be comfortable to walk in. A pair of hiking shoes will do well when you are visiting the most holy sites in the city, and a nice pair of sandals will work when you are in the commercial district of Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv.

#3: Electronics

You must pack your camera, cell phone and computer for your trip. Israel is one of the most picturesque places in the entire world, and you will want to take a lot of photos! Your computer can be used to pull pictures off your camera or phone, and you need extra batteries to keep your electronics going. Bring a spare charger for your phone, and ask merchants and restaurants if you may charge your phone for a few moments while you shop or eat. Secure your pictures on your computer before leaving, and save everything to a cloud server.

#4: Travel Documents

You cannot travel to Israel without a passport and visa. Apply for your visa in advance of your trip, and keep a copy of your visa inside your passport. Copy your passport, and keep a copy in a safe place during your trip. You could lose your travel documents at any time, and you must ensure that you have a spare copy. The American embassy can help you with any travel document problems, but keeping a spare copy saves several hours at the embassy.

#5: Money

You must bring cash with you to Israel, and converting your funds before your trip is wise. You may use your debit card or credit card for most of the trip, and you will avoid problems with your money if you use your credit card for most of the trip. Lost cards can be replaced overnight, and traveler’s checks can be replaced in like manner by a bank. Cash cannot be replaced when stolen, but you need only a little money to spend on taxis or local merchants who only accept cash.

#6: Itinerary

You must create a full itinerary for your trip that you will stick to during your trip. Someone back home must know where you will be at all times, and you should contact someone back home at least once a day to ensure your safety. Traveling in any foreign country can be dangerous, and it is best to let someone back home keep track of you. Use your itinerary often, and consult with a travel agent when you need assistance creating your itinerary.

#7: Plan To Ship Large Purchases Home

Put a hold on your mail before you travel to Israel, and ensure that you are shipping all your large purchases home. You will avoid uncomfortable questions in customs, and the packages will be delivered to you when you get home and you will not return from Israel with more than you brought.

Taking a trip to Israel is an amazing opportunity for anyone, and you must be prepared before you leave. Follow through with each step of preparation before you leave, and ensure that someone at home knows where you will be.

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