Toyota’s Smart Key System

With all the technological advances that are being introduced all the time when it comes to automobiles, it can sometimes be very confusing as to what features would best suit your needs.  One particular feature the Toyota has introduced to make your life easier is what’s called the Smart Key System. This particular feature is designed to make your life easier by allowing you to lock and unlock your doors, as well as even starting the engine simply by pressing a button. To see this technology in the Toyota visits as well as other great features pay a visit to Toyota Anaheim.

Toyota's Smart Key System
Using this feature is extremely easy and works by accessing a sensor on the back of the door handle. You do not have to use the key to unlock the door, you simply have to touch the handle and this system will detect that you have the smart key on your person and will automatically unlock the doors. Whether you are inside or outside the vehicle you can simply start the engine by pressing the start /stop button on the smart key. Another great feature is that if you happen to leave the smart key inside your vehicle it will not allow you to lock the doors until you have retrieved the key and it is on you when you get out of the car. You no longer have to worry about leaving your keys in the car and having to call a tow truck in order to get moving again.

At first you may wonder how secure this feature is, but rest assured it is even far more secure than using regular keys, because this particular Smart Key System utilizes what’s called of rolling code, which means every time you enter your vehicle a new code is generated to ensure that you are the only one able to enter or turn on the vehicle. Even if someone has the same type of vehicle in the close proximity of yours, because this smart key is unique to your vehicle, there’s no chance the other smart key will work on your vehicle.

This is just another way Toyota is making it easier and safer, as well as more secure to own one of their vehicles. The Smart Key System is the future, and you will never have to search for your keys again. For more information, take a closer look online and you’ll be surprised at how efficient this system works and how it will make your life that much easier. Check out all the great Toyota vehicles at

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