Top Interesting Facts About Men’s Perfume

Perfumes are synonymous with women. Most people have the perception that men can use aftershaves and deos, but not perfumes. Recent studies conducted at the University of Liverpool has confirmed that a change in the natural body odour can help a man alter his confidence in a way to make himself attractive to women. Here are some interesting insights on men’s perfume that you can use to woo ladies around you:-

Top Interesting Facts About Men’s Perfume

Fridges are Most Suitable for Storing Scents

Storage is a must to increase the lifespan of perfumes. Air exposure can cause the fragrance to go off within a year. This is the major reason why most perfumes come with spray caps. The bathroom isn’t a suitable place to store perfumes either as light can degrade a fragrance. Heat can also cause fragrances to decay. Therefore, you should make it a point to keep it in an aluminium bottle and store it in your refrigerator at a temperature of 3-7°C.

Imprint is the Key

Men usually prefer to use fragrances to were used by their father or some other male member in their respective families. The usual ‘good’ smell is often linked to good feelings and are imprinted once and for all in men’s minds while they are still in their teens. This is the major reason men’s fragrances like Brut, Old Spice and Tabac have their own band of loyal followers. As compared to women, men are quite stereotypical when it comes to fragrance tastes. They prefer the ones that are fresh and clean at the initial stage and signifies a good grooming, and a woody, liqueur richness.

Foguere- The First Preference for Men’s Fragrances

Ever since Guerlain launched Mouchoir De Monsieur, most of the top men’s selling fragrances have been ‘fougeres’. ‘Fougere’ in French means fern-like and is used to denote fragrances whose notes are based on oakmoss and lavender such as Tommy and Paco Rabanne.

Biceps-The Ideal Place to Wear Scents

The best time to apply a fragrance is when your skin is warm. This is because heat is a very useful distributor of scent. A suitable place to apply it is around the wrist and collarbone, where the blood is closest to the skin surface. However, a scent will have a long-term impact only if it is worn a muscle that functions steadily, like the bicep. Unlike popular perception, it should not be used behind the ears as the skin’s oils in that region are different and can ruin the fragrance effect.

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