Tips For Typing Fast

Are you working in a data entry stream??? Urgently need to send a long document?? Do you want be quick replies to your messengers? So let’s see how to speed up our typing speed without any training.

Basically typing standard stands for words per minute with no vocabulary mistakes. The basic beginning of it is remembering key/alphabets positions of the device which you’re using. Begin with a watch and type practice method in which you can see the device and type on it. Try to use all fingers of your hands. Start with small words and continue typing words with higher in length. Try to avoid spelling mistake as much as possible, that’s a good habit.

Tips For Typing Fast

After you understand the basic method of typing now placing your fingers on your device is important. Observe the color combinations, each finger has a color code and keys also. The same matching colored keys typed by the same colored fingers.

Learn the finger usage, practice it more and more, and learn the thumb spacing.

Now the next step is to concentrate on grammatical typing, expressions, and symbol usage. There are many of the kinds of devices comes with special types of symbols and function keys. Understand the usage, expressions, symbols also.

Start with word practicing; later on continue your practice with typing sentences and so on with paragraphs. Try to use the auto correct functionalities provided in some devices. Memorize the shortcut keys of the keyboard, which helps a lot in making your typing work simplified.

After some practice sessions when you feel it like “no see to type“, that’s a good sign. Now concentrate on blind type that Is try to type without watching your keyboard. Try to write letters of different kinds like formal, official letters.

It’s time to check your speed, after you learned blind speed and if you feel comfortable with it, now check your typing speed. For this you can find many free online sites that provide an online testing tool for your type speed test. These sites randomly generated different type’s words with grammatical meaning and symbols. If you achieve good speed, then you can call yourself a good typing person. If not, practice on same online sites until you get a good speed.

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