Tips and Tricks For Long-Lasting Straight Hair Styles

As more and more straight hairstyles are becoming common these days, it is equally important to stand out with your unique hairstyle. Some women find it an intriguing idea. In order to do so they spend a lot of time and energies but due to lack of proper techniques they are unable to achieve that level of supremacy and uniqueness over others. As styling straight hair is not a piece of cake, proper tips and tricks are to be followed to look and feel different. While others see their efforts go waste due to a lack of long-lasting effect of the specific hairstyle, understanding of these simple tricks becomes highly crucial.

Tips and Tricks For Long-Lasting Straight Hair Styles

Usage of a Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

It is highly important to note that before styling your straight hair, one needs to ensure whether or not the shampoo or conditioner being used can be altered in order to improve the result. For instance, a simple shampoo and conditioner might not give the desired result as compared to a voluminizing branded shampoo and conditioner. This branded shampoo would add volume to the hair and greatly help in giving your hair a lively and natural effect so that it does not look heavy. Then apply leave-in conditioner till the bottom of hair strands and wait for a few minutes to let it soak in.

Usage of an Anti-Frizz Serum

Secondly, many people completely omit this process, carry on the styling procedure and then whine about not attaining the desired result. In order to avoid bushy and shaggy effect, it is equally crucial to use an anti-frizz serum before getting the hair dry. A good quality branded anti-frizz serum is to be used, most importantly those with a silicone ingredient in them as it finely removes the frizz that occur.

Improvise the Way the Hair Are Towel-Dried and Blow-Dried

Gone are the days when the hairs were treated brutally in order to dry them. This is an essential part to prevent hair damage and have a long-term straight hairstyle. Hairs are delicate and sensitive thus must be handled with profound care sensibly. After washing the hair and applying the serum, towel-dry your hair lightly without over doing it and avoid using pressure or rough gestures as rubbing them with cloth can actually produce frizz.

One needs to blow-dry hair with their head positioned upside down. Partitions of the hair are to be created; thick hair would mean more partitions while thin need less. Blow-dry is to be done with a round brush starting from a distance of an inch from the roots till the end with the head upside down. Note that the scalp is not to be blow-dried as excessive use of blow-dry and wrongly positioning the blow-drier towards the skin can actually weaken the roots. While blow-drying, do not forget to use a good-quality styling cream where required. Hence, noting and implementing a few not-so-famous techniques can surely help a person get the desired result without sacrificing the natural health and look of the hair. So, follow a few steps and stand out among the crowd. Happy Styling!!

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