The Surprising Power Of A Natural Look

‘I would never wear makeup! I cannot believe people spend so much time on putting products on their face and in their hair. Is it not better to be able to get ready in 15 minutes? I do not care what people think of my bare face.’ – these are all my own lines from the past, and I must tell you, I was one hard core no makeup wearer. But, ladies are ladies, and I have to admit that I secretly wanted to enhance some parts of my face.

The Surprising Power Of A Natural Look

The change

I will just say that I was a late bloomer in some aspects of my life, and when I finally fell in love and felt the need to look prettier, I was already out of high school with absolutely no idea how to use a mascara, let alone choose the right foundation or do the eyeliner. I remember that I allowed my friend to apply some makeup on me for a night out, but I was really disappointed with how it turned out since she applied it the way she likes it – very heavy and too colorful for my taste – so I washed my face right away. It took some time after that to try and learn something more about makeup on my own.

The help I needed

It may sound funny, but a YouTube video of one makeup guru got me really interested in the world of makeup, especially since she talked about the ways how to enhance natural features without hiding them and she explained different ways and techniques in order to find shades and colors that best suit one’s particular skin tone and type.

The Surprising Power Of A Natural Look

No makeup makeup

Just like that, I found myself spending time on learning how to improve my face without feeling like I am wearing a mask. Still, I have to admit, I never got into the craze of foundations, blushes and lipsticks, and even today, I cannot stand having these three products on my face. For me, it was enough to simple correct some imperfections with a concealer, set everything with a translucent powder, do my eyebrows and add a bit of color to my eyes.

Do what you enjoy

Basically, I went and bought some nude colors that would compliment my green eyes the best, and opted for a brown mascara and a brown eyeliner because I did not want anything too dramatic. What surprised me the most is the effect of the eyebrow pencil that managed to shape my face perfectly, and sometimes, on lazy days, I go out only with a little work on my eyebrows. Having something pink or peachy on my cheeks was out of question, so I practiced contouring for those special occasions.

Take better care of your skin

As I got older, I started paying more attention to the general condition of my skin. Soap and water were not enough anymore, so I embarked on a journey to find the right products for my skin that would still be pretty basic, because I did not want any unnecessary clutter in my bathroom. First, I found a good face wash and a face cream thanks to the research I did on best products for combination skin type and special care during winter and summer months. Taking better care of my skin reduced my need for concealer and that is always a good thing.

The Surprising Power Of A Natural Look

Do not ignore your body

I am one of those people who could never bother with using a body lotion, so I decided to find a great body wash that would not only keep my skin clean, but hydrated as well. Since the skin on my body rarely gets dry, I could get away with a quality body wash. Still, I started to take better care of my hands, elbows, knees and feet, so I regularly moisturize those areas. When you think about it, not only does rough skin on these areas look bad, but it also makes you feel uncomfortable and can cause some annoying pain.

I feel that simplicity in taking care of my face and body and applying natural makeup makes me feel more comfortable and secure about myself, since I know that I do not need a load of different products to feel beautiful. Well, I do not think anyone needs that many products. In my opinion, sensible care, positive attitude and accepting yourself the way you are, are the keys to looking and feeling naturally powerful.

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