The Reason To Plan A Trip To Bhutan

A traveler never needs a reason to try and explore a new horizon. With something as peaceful and breathtaking as the Land of Thunder Dragon then, giving a reason to visit such a place is pointless. However, if you are not sure whether you should try and spend your time in Bhutan, then this article will ascertain that you give a call to your travel agent right away.

Bhutan is the land of stunning landscapes, legendary fortresses and ancient temples. Here, everything has a uniqueness of its own. Enjoy the mouth watering spicy food, colorful festivals all in the lap of peaceful Himalayas. The reason of Bhutan being amongst the most popular tourist destination is the clean, fresh air and mental peace despite all the tensions in the World.

Unlike any other country in the world, this isolated, landlocked peaceful kingdom has remain closely associated with its roots. Even the government take special measures to ensure that the history, culture and traditions are in no way harmed or even hampered.

There are innumerable reasons to convince people to visit Bhutan. Pick any country you deem fit, at max you will be able to give 2 reasons what makes them unique. However, the USP of Bhutan cannot be vanquished with mere numbers. Anyhow, this article will demonstrate not 1 or 2 but as many as 5 unique features of Bhutan.

Gross National Happiness: Unlike other countries, Bhutan does not run after increasing their GDP or GNP. The indicator they use to measure prosperity is happiness or Gross National Happiness. The Government of Bhutan is an ideal for all other countries. It prides on successfully implementing a sustainable approach to their primary source of income, Tourism.

The Reason To Plan A Trip To Bhutan

Traditional and Divine Atmosphere: There are many countries with a richer and vast culture than Bhutan. However, what separates Bhutan from the herd, is the way it has clenched itself to its culture and traditions. Despite the ever changing trends and customs everywhere else Bhutan still holds on to its past, and that is readily visible to anyone who visit Bhutan. Be it their dresses, food or any other social norms they all have a flavor of tradition well engrossed in the curry of development. Even the Bhutanese government has strictly followed the policy of development via the cultural way.

Food: Whenever you visit a new place the first thing that decides your stay there is the availability of food. While in Bhutan, you will however not miss your home food much. Even though the top resorts serves food from all over the world but the food of Bhutan is unique in itself. Here, chillies aren’t used as a seasoning but as a main ingredient in all the traditional and popular dishes. Even the national dish Ema Datshi, is green chillies with cheese.

The Cultural Legacy: Buddhism is intermingled not just in the Bhutanese culture but also in the people’s lifestyle as well. Bhutan has more monasteries than any other place with everyplace having its own cultural belief.

The Reason To Plan A Trip To Bhutan

Nature Calling: With more than 50% area under forest and government protection and availability of rare flora and fauna which are on the verge of extinction Bhutan has a lot to offer. Also, the treks and mountain pass add a flavor of thrills to all those who visit Bhutan.

The Reason To Plan A Trip To Bhutan

The tariff of Bhutan may be high, i.e., $250/tourist every day but the facilities and accommodation include along with a travel guide makes up for the high cost of the visa. Also, if you are a citizen of India, Bangladesh or Maldives then you don’t need a visa to visit Bhutan.

Bhutan is one of the most distinguished and hospitable places in the world. Here you won’t find anyone asking you to leave. They have even changed the meaning of “good Bye” as welcome. Hope, what you read must have enticed you to visit Bhutan so, Good Bye to Bhutan.

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