The Next Revolutionary Samsung Galaxy S7

In this world full of modernity and knowledge, it is very important to be at par with the fast moving technologies and advancements. Every new day, there is a recent development in the world of science and technology and this takes us to the world of smarter gadgets. Today, the gadgets that have already come up have been smarter than ever and they have been able to a lot of work when commanded to do.

In this genre, Samsung has always been a renowned name and has always been in a top ranked position since quite a long time. It has always come up with new flagship models that have proved to be better than the preceding ones and the rest too. Now it is back yet again with one of its flagship models that is generalized to be the next big thing of the future. With the all new Samsung Galaxy S7 the company set to mark a new beginning.


The awesome Samsung Galaxy S7

When it is Samsung in the discussion, it has to be its new and rare finding features or the features that have to be out of the box to name. The latest model of Samsung Galaxy S7 has features of some common phenomenon but the makers have brainstormed in such a way that the common features will make it stand out of the crowd.

The feature of being water resistant is seen in other models of Sony Xperia too but when it comes to the all-newSamsung Galaxy S7, it is not just water resistant, but has a resisting ability of being under water at the depth of more than 15metres too. Being so rough and tough will be addingone to the additional feature list.

Moreover the Samsung Galaxy S7 is supposed to be dust resistant too. This means that not letting the dust to settle on the surface and yet making it pretty clean and tidy too.

Some More Features

When coming to the section of more new features, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a new feature to add that is the 5G network connectivity. It is an often heard term like 2G and 3G. Today, 4G is also an common term due to the coming up of better network accessibility forums, but in this world, where 4G is still a taboo at a lot of places, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has the all new 5G connectivity which does not just provide faster internet browsing and downloading but also gives convenient surfing in the same time.

The new features include the coming of the newly made Samsung Galaxy S7 with the newly made alloy of magnesium that would make the phone lighter in weight and thus make it handy.  The display of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not just covered with the normal and often used corning Gorilla glass. To mark the difference in it and prove the superior quality, the phone is made of an all new cover called as the Turtle Glass that is believed to be tougher and better resistant too.

All these qualities put together, make the all new Samsung Galaxy S7 and the next big thing in the market that is expected to launch soon.

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